2011 Legislative Summary

2011 Legislative Summary

Chapter Laws of 2011
Passed Both Senate & Assembly – Delivered to the Governor for Final Action
Passed Both Senate & Assembly – Pending Delivery to the Governor for Final Action

Chapter Laws of 2011

Chapter 13 - Farmingdale Land Lease
A.5664 Sweeney
S.3536 Fuschillo
Relates to the lease of lands located at SUNY college at Farmingdale for the development and operation of a biotechnology and other technology-oriented office, research and manufacturing facility.

Chapter 97 - Mandate Relief
A.8518 Lopez, V
S.5856 Skelos
Enacts major components of legislation relating to real property tax levies, rent regulation, exemption from local taxation and mandate relief which includes expanding the ability of local governments to contract with SUNY for reciprocal provision of services or other consideration of approximately equivalent value, including, but not limited to, routine and/or emergency services, monies, equipment, buildings and facilities, materials or a commitment to provide future routine and/or emergency services, monies, equipment, buildings and facilities or materials.

Chapter 103 - Innovate NY Fund
A.8452 Schimminger
S.5782 Alesi
Amends New York State's Capital Access Program and establishes the Innovate NY Fund in order to make resources available to support emerging business ideas and products that result in the growth of business within New York State by leveraging federal SSBCI funding by providing funding to entities, including regional and local economic development organizations, technology development organizations, research universities and investment funds which would use the funding to make seed-stage investments in New York State companies.

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Passed Both Senate & Assembly – Delivered to the Governor for Final Action

Centers of Excellence
A.6320-B Lupardo
S.5223-A Libous
Codifies the centers of excellence program that has been operating since 2002 and requires centers to annually submit a plan for commercializing products or processes based on innovations developed at center facilities and their strategies for commercializing such products or processes within New York State.
Status: Delivered to the Governor – July 8, 2011

GSEU Pay Bill
A.8445 Farrell
S.5778 Robach
Implements the terms of a memorandum of understanding previously entered into on December 10, 2009, between the State of New York and the CWA Local 1104/Graduate Students Employees Union who represent members of the State University Graduate Student Negotiating Unit.
Status: Delivered to the Governor – July 11, 2011

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Passed Both Senate & Assembly – Pending Delivery to the Governor for Final Action

Public Meetings Records
A.72-B Paulin
S.3255-B Saland
Requires records, including a proposed resolution, law, rule, regulation, policy or amendment thereto, scheduled to be presented and discussed by a public body at an open meeting be made available for review to the public and requires such records be made available on the agency's website if it is regularly updated and they utilize a high speed internet connection.

Purchase Land Lease
A.340-A Paulin
S.1846-A Oppenheimer
Authorizes the lease of lands located at the state university of New York at Purchase for a senior learning community.

Polysomnographic Technology Services
A.354-B Hoyt
S.1831-B Grisanti
Relates to polysomnographic technology services and grants authorization to practice polysomnographic technology – treating sleep disorders - to individuals who have met certain standards and requirements as determined by the state education department.

Physical Therapy Licensure
A.2502-A Canestrari
S.3469-A Oppenheimer
Requires applicants to complete a master's degree or higher to obtain a license in physical therapy.

Faculty Council Trustee
A.2718 Canestrari
S.2410 LaValle
Increases the membership of the board of trustees of the state university of New York from seventeen to eighteen members; new member to be the president of the faculty council of community colleges.

Occupational Therapy & Occupational Therapy Assistants
A.2996-A Canestrari
S.2911-A LaValle
Defines occupational therapy assistant and provides requirements for authorization as an occupational therapy assistant including permitting the occupational therapist to treat of non-medical conditions, as defined by the commissioner of education, without the need for a prescription or referral and authorizes the practice of occupational therapy assistant by standards developed by the commissioner, including education, examination and character.

Research Access
A.5181 Schimminger
S.3736 Alesi
Enacts the academic research information access act under the department of economic development which will leverage public and private higher education institutions to implement an information infrastructure for research, scholarship, and innovation in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields.

Surgical Technologist
A.6539-B Cahill
S.4563-A Savino
Amends Article 28 of the public health law to establish certain requirements for surgical technologists working in health care facilities.

Bioscience Research
A.7156-A Magnarelli
S.3834-A LaValle
Relates to the economic development fund and provides assistance to biosciences research institutions and organizations based on a competitive basis to develop curriculum and administer bioscience specific training programs for current and prospective industry employees.

MMR Exemption
A.7485 Glick
S.4803 Griffo
Exempts NYS high school graduates from certain immunization requirements when attending a NYS college or university.

Medical Information Networks
A.8202 Bing
S.4991-B Hannon
Establishes the clinical information resource access program to provide information on clinical practice to medical institutions and facilities in the coordinated acquisition and dissemination of clinical medical information across New York.

NY-SUNY 2020
A.8519 Glick
S.5855 Skelos
Implements the NY-SUNY 2020 Challenge Grant Program Act and authorizes the SUNY Board of Trustees to increase resident undergraduate tuition up to $300 per year for five years (2011-2015), increase non-resident undergraduate tuition up to 10% per year for five years at the four University Centers, adopt guidelines applicable to college foundations and their affiliate corporations addressing conflict of interest policies and to conduct a study regarding the effectiveness and functionality of TAP and offer recommendations for improvement by 10/1/2013

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