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Legislative Updates

Legislative Updates

2017 Legislative Update Archive

Status as of August 1, 2019

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Chapter 8 – Hate Crime Expansion
S.1047 - Hoylman
A.747 - Gottfried
Prohibits discrimination based on gender identity or expression, and include offenses regarding gender identity or expression under the hate crimes statute.

Chapter 26 – Dream Act
S.1250 - Sepulveda
A.782 - De La Rosa
Enacts the New York state DREAM Act by creating the New York DREAM fund commission and amends eligibility requirements and conditions governing certain awards.

Chapter 96 - MWBE Participation
A8414 - Bichotte
S.6575 - Sanders
Extends the effectiveness of provisions of law relating to participation by minority and women-owned business enterprises in state contracts and would expand upon those provisions based upon the findings of the 2016 Disparity Study.

Chapter 106 - Climate Change  
S.6599 - Kaminsky
A.8429 - Englebright
Enacts the New York state climate leadership and community protection act; relates to climate change; renewable energy program; labor and job standards and worker protection.

Chapter 110 - Artificial Intelligence Commission
S.3971-B - Savino
A.1746-C - Vanel
Creates a temporary state commission to study and investigate how to regulate artificial intelligence, robotics and automation.

Chapter 116 - Unlawful Discrimination
A.3425 - Dilan
S.4901 - Mayer
Relates to expanding the scope of unlawful discriminatory practices to include public educational institutions.




Child Care Centers
A.29-A - Rosenthal L
S.3563-A - Serrano
Requires large furniture and electronics to be properly secured within child care facilities

Asian Ethnic Data
A.677 - Niou
S.3662 - Salazar
Requires every state agency, board, or commission that directly collects data on ethnic origin for residents of the state of New York would use separate categories for a number of Asian groups included but not limited to Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Indonesian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Taiwanese.

Contract Notification
A.2166 - Bichotte
S.4888 - Parker
Would authorize an agency that enters into a contract shall submit an announcement of the intended contract for inclusion in the procurement opportunities newsletter.

Religious Attire
A.4204 - Weprin
S.4037 - Liu
Clarifies that the wearing of any attire, clothing, or facial hair in accordance with the requirements of his or her religion is protected under the Human Rights Law.

Adirondack CC Funding
A.4474 - Stec
S.1960 - Little
Authorizes the county of Washington to impose an additional 25 cents per $100 of debt, mortgage recording tax; revenue therefrom shall be used for community college purposes.

Informed Consent
A.4988 - Paulin
S.3353 - Ramos
Relates to any health care procedure or examination that is performed in the course of education or training does not diminish the requirement for informed consent for the procedure or examination.

TAP Extension
A.5500 - Simon
S.4121 - LaValle
Changes eligibility TAP for students who must transfer to another institution as a result of a permanent college closure by allowing for up to two additional semesters of TAP.

Rare Disease Council
A.5762 - Paulin
S.4497 - Rivera
Establishes the rare disease advisory council to advise and consult on policy matters relating to rare disease.

Energy Star Equipment
A.6599 - Simon
S.31 - Hoylman
Requires that any funds administered by the dormitory authority to an organization for the purposes of  building upgrades,  appliance  purchases, or other capital improvements, shall be used to purchase only energy star equipment and appliances, where available.

Accessible Textbooks
A.7251 - Cusick
S.5999 - Stavisky
Reauthorize current law that requires publishers or manufacturers of printed instructional materials for college students to provide electronic formats of printed instructional material to be available for purchase for students with disabilities. 

529 Account Contributions
A.7473 - Gunther
S.6238 - Carlucci
Increases the maximum account balance for the New York Achieving A Better Life Experience (NY ABLE) Program – aka 529 account - to match the federally authorized level.

ESF Tuition
A.7924-A - Magnarelli
S.6042-A - May
Authorizes an increase in the tuition of out-of-state residents for SUNY environmental science and forestry.

Police Retirement Age
A.8003 - Abbate
S.6130-A - Kaminsky
Increases the age at which a member must retire to receive an additional pension from sixty-two to sixty-five for members of the New York State and Local Police and Fire Retirement System.

Bird Friendly Building Council
S.25-B  - Hoylman
A.4055-B - Englebright
Creates the Bird-Friendly Building Council which shall assess and quantify the scope of the problem caused by birds colliding with buildings statewide and identify emerging products and technology to help reduce or eliminate the threat.

Voter Assistance
S. 1128-A - Benjamin
A.2599-A -  Dinowitz
Requires SUNY & CUNY to provide voter registration forms and absentee ballots to students, and to assist in completion of these documents.

Contract Completion
S.2394 - Breslin
A.3552 - Cusick
Relates to payment in construction contracts; specifies the meaning of "substantial completion" for the purposes of requisition payments in construction contracts and reform the contract payment process of retainage.

Public Board Information
S.2975 - Skoufis
A.473 - Paulin
Requires the secretary of state to compile and maintain a compilation of the membership, duties, meeting and contact information, and products of all state boards.

Veteran Employment
S.3300 - Brooks
A.6297 - Barrett
Requires that state agencies prominently display that a job is 55-c eligible on such job postings, which are intended to employ disabled veterans.

Dental Faculty
S.3809 - Stavisky
A.7674 - Epstein
Makes permanent current provisions of law concerning licensure of foreign-trained dentists who are employed as full-time faculty members at a New York State dental school.

Police Heart Disease
S.3841 - Gounardes
A.5301 - Abbate
Includes SUNY police officers for purposes of presumption regarding impairment caused by heart disease.

Police Disability Retirement
S.3922 - Gounardes
A.6214 - Abbate
Allows any member of the division of law enforcement in the Department of Environmental Conservation, Forest Rangers, University Police Officers, and the Regional Park Police who is injured in the performance of his or her duty and can no longer perform his or her duties due to the injury to receive three quarters accidental disability retirement.

Physician Loan Forgiveness
S.4269 - Rivera
A.5425 - Gottfried 
Directs the Department of Health to form a work group to assess the impact of requiring individual applicants for grants from the Doctors Across New York physician loan repayment and physician practice support programs to use the New York State Grants Gateway.

Criminal Justice Faculty
S.4308-A - Gounardes
A.7261-A - Abbate
Removes the earning limitations on members of the New York State Policemen's and Firemen's Retirement system, the New York City Police Pension Fund, and the New York City Fire Pension Fund who retire and subsequently become employed by a community college as faculty member under a criminal justice program of SUNY or CUNY.

Eye Drops
S.4469-B - Stavisky
A.3822-D - McDonald
Authorizes ophthalmologists and optometrists to supervise trained personnel to instill dilating eye drops to the surface of patients' eyes.

Research Tobacco
S.5300 - Rivera
A.7351 - Gottfried
Exempts medical research tobacco products from the definitions of "cigarette" and "tobacco product" in the Tax Law and defines "research tobacco products."

Teacher Education Admissions
S.5410 - Sanders
A.4538 - Glick
Removes the requirement that applicants admitted into a graduate-level teacher and leader education programs have achieved a 3.0 minimum cumulative grade point average in the candidate's undergraduate program.

STEM Awards
S.5773 - Stavisky
A.7373 - Glick
Remove parts of the employment requirement that students must meet upon completion of their undergraduate degree program - the requirement that recipients must work full-time and the requirement that recipients must find work within the science, technology, engineering, or mathematics field.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms
S.5922 - Salazar
A.109 - Rosenthal L
Requires single use bathroom stalls in state owned or operated buildings be designated as gender neutral.

Contract Delays
S.5933-A - Comrie
A.2040-A - Kim
Requires state agency and authority public works contracts to include a clause authorizing contractors to recover reasonable damages for delay under limited circumstances.

Scholarship Access
S.5985 - Breslin
A.2404 - Fahy
Provides access to Masters-in-Education Teacher Incentive Scholarship Programs awards to students who are matriculated in an approved private college master's degree in education program.

Anatomical Gifts
S.6000-A - Rivera
A.7800-A - Gottfried
Would increase rates of organ and tissue donation and strengthen the autonomy of donors while bringing New York into harmony with the 48 other states by adopting the most recent 2006 version of the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act.

Consultant Contracts
S.6048 - Breslin
A.5459 - Bronson
Relates to the cost effectiveness of consultant contracts and requires agencies to conduct a cost comparison prior to entering into a contract for consultant services to determine if there is a less expensive alternative.

Commission Membership
S.6015 - Kennedy
A.7863 - Peoples-Stokes
Reduces the number of Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor Commission members to eleven by reducing the number of representatives from the department of Afro-American studies at the state university of New York at Buffalo to one, and eliminating the representative from the Monroe Fordham regional history center at the state university of New York College at Buffalo.

Nurse Retirement
S.6110-A - Savino
A.8008 - Abbate
Would allow any SUNY employee who is a registered nurse in a position within the Professional, Scientific and Technical bargaining unit, who first became employed with SUNY at Stony Brook Hospital between January 1, 1996 and December 31, 1999, and who enrolled in the ORP Retirement Program, to terminate their membership in the ORP and to be deemed to be a member of the ERS retirement system

Hemp Production 
S.6184-A - Metzger
A.7680-A - Lupardo
Establishes the regulation of hemp extract by establishing growers, manufacturer and extractor licenses along with requiring laboratory testing of products and product labeling.

ESF Firearms
S.6196 - May
A.7921 - Magnarelli
Restores the use of firearms and hunting rights on land held in trust for SUNY ESF property located in the Adirondacks.

Student Insurance
S.6197 - Breslin
A.492 - Lifton
Clarifies that New York law does not prohibit the issuance of policies offering certain "excepted benefits," such as dental, vision, or intercollegiate sports injury coverage, and travel insurance to institutions of higher learning.

Gender Data
S.6321 - Thomas
A.7929 - Bronson
Requires the collection of certain demographic information about the sexual orientation and gender identity by certain state agencies, boards and commissions.

Human Research
S.6448 - Rivera
A.8125 - Gottfried
Would ensure that human subject research conducted in compliance with federal law may be deemed in compliance with PHL Article 24-A which protects people against the unnecessary and improper risk of pain, suffering or injury resulting from human research conducted without their knowledge or consent.

GSEU Contract
S.6555 - Gounardes
A.8342 - Abbate
Would implement the terms of a collectively negotiated agreement between the State of New York and the CWA Local 1104 / Graduate Students Employees Union (GSEU), the employee organization representing members of the State University Graduate Student Negotiating Unit.


Passed by the Senate Only


Loan Task Force
S.250 - Kennedy
A.6812 - Crespo
Establishes a private student loan refinance task force to study and report on ways lending institutions offering private student loans to graduates of institutions of higher education can be encouraged to establish student loan refinancing programs.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Child Care Study
S.753-A - Montgomery
A.7873 - Jean-Pierre
Directs the office of children and family services to study, make recommendations on and report on the availability child day care and child care funding.

Assembly Status:  Children and Families Committee

Community Service
S.1867 - Stavisky
A.3703 - Englebright
Enacts the higher education community service act to promote volunteer service by higher education students and creates a council for higher education community service to regulate and recognize persons and programs associated therewith

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

TAP Increase
S.1889 - Skoufis
A.5250 - Barrett
Increases the minimum tuition assistance program award to $750 and increases the tuition assistance program income threshold to $95,000.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Employee Ownership Center
S.2184 - Bailey
A.7731 - Wright
Creates the Center for Employee Ownership within SUNY to support education and outreach on employee ownership succession plans.

Assembly Status:  Economic Development Committee

Farm Procurement
S.2244-B - Sanders
A.7049-A - Thiele
Enacts the local food, farms, and jobs act that relates to the procurement of locally grown farm and food products and sets goals for levels of procurement by state agencies

Assembly Status:  Agriculture Committee

Veteran Services
S.2469 - Sanders
A.4480 - Hunter
Requires SUNY and CUNY to examine and conduct a study on the availability of campus services, programs and resources for veteran students.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Immigration Status
S.2550 - Stavisky
A.5273 - Rozic
Mandates that no employee or officer of SUNY or CUNY shall determine the specific details of a student's immigration status except when required by federal law, pursuant to a court order or as required in connection with tuition or financial aid eligibility.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Veterans Academic Credit
S.2741-A - Addabbo
A.7999 - Jones
Allows the granting of academic credit at state or city operated institutions to veterans.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Potsdam Non-Resident Tuition
S.2908 - Griffo
A.8220 - Walczyk
Authorizes the state university trustees to offer separate tuition rates to certain non-resident undergraduate students attending the state university college of arts and sciences at Potsdam.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Community College Funding Study
S.3445 - Stavisky
No Assembly Companion
Directs each community college to study the effectiveness of the current full time equivalent funding formula and alternatives thereto.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Veteran Career Assistance
S.3471-A - Brooks
No Assembly Companion
Establishes the veteran career assistance program within the SUNY and CUNY systems to provide veterans discharged under honorable conditions with assistance in resume writing and employment placement services.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

5 Year Capital Plan
S.3548 - Stavisky
A.1155 - Glick
Established a five-year capital plans for SUNY & CUNY

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Textbook Costs
S.3661 - Gounardes
A.5914 - Hyndman
Reduces the cost of textbooks and course materials for students of institutions of higher education by requiring every institution of higher education to adopt policies that allow the use of innovative pricing techniques and payment options for textbooks, supplemental materials, and other course materials or textbooks.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Graduate Fee
S.3916-B - Stavisky
A.7241-B - Pichardo
Provides a program fee option for graduate students that allow a matriculated graduate or doctoral student who has taken at least 30 credits of course work towards the completion of a degree a to maintain access to certain university facilities through payment of an access fee not to exceed the cost of 1 credit of the students program of study.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Optometrists Oral Medications
S.4035 - Bailey
No Assembly Companion
Requires optometrists to meet certain standards, including the completion of a course, to prescribe oral medications.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Fire Science Instructors
S.4134 - Skoufis
A.6378 - Gunther
Authorizes retired firefighters to be employed as fire science instructors by career and technical education centers without reduction of their retirement benefits.

Assembly Status:  Governmental Employees Committee

Retirement Contributions
S.4489 - Gounardes
A.7189 - Abbate
Would allow retired higher education professionals to make voluntary automatic contributions to their employee organizations, including but not limited to their political committees.

Assembly Status:  Governmental Employees Committee

Gluten Free
S.4591 - Parker
A.6289 - Crespo
Establishes a pilot program related to making the gluten content of food available at certain state owned, operated, or leased cafeterias.

Assembly Status:  Governmental Operations Committee

Loan Repayments
S.4652 - Sanders
A.1932 - Zebrowski
Would require standard financial aid award letters to include the estimated cost of repayment of all outstanding loans including expected monthly payments.

Assembly Status:  Banking Committee

Faculty Data
S.4873-A - Stavisky
A.4363-A - Glick
Directs the board of trustees of SUNY & CUNY to report on the current composition of faculty at four year campuses and community colleges.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Optometry Students
S.5066-A - Krueger
A.8115 - Lifton
Would allow an optometry student to engage in clinical practice under the supervision of a licensed optometrist in pursuance of a program for the training of optometry

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

TAP Awards
S.5071 - Skoufis
A.7236 - Gunther
Would permit students with intellectual disabilities who are enrolled in a postsecondary education experience or transition programs eligible to receive assistance from the Tuition Assistance Program

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Employment Data
S.5093 - Stavisky
A.7213 - Fahy
Would require certain professions, including but not limited to physician assistants, chiropractors, dentists, dental hygienists, perfusionists, physical therapists, pharmacists, registered professional nurses and optometrists provide the NYS Department of Education census information regarding their professional medical activities and that such data shall be used to evaluate needed services in the state

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Vehicle Purchases
S.5439 - Metzger
A.7567 - Fahy
Directs the commissioner of energy to adopt regulations increasing fuel economy standards for passenger vehicles purchased by or for the state or any agency or public authority thereof, and requires that by 2030 all such vehicles shall be battery, electric, plug-in hybrid electric or zero emission vehicles.

Assembly Status:  Energy Committee

Religious Holidays
S.5695-A - Liu
A.4281-A - Weprin
Relates to observance of all religious holidays by SUNY & CUNY and includes the Asian Lunar New Year within the definition of such holidays.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Diversity Task Force
S.5808 - Montgomery
A.8355 - Arroyo
Establishes a task force on educator diversity in New York State to study the presence of educator diversity.

Assembly Status:  Education Committee

EOP to PhD
S.5927 - Stavisky
A.8323 - Pichardo
Creates a loan forgiveness program for SUNY faculty from underrepresented populations, starting in the 2019-2020 academic year, with priority going to alumni of the EOP program

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Automated Vehicle Task Force
S.6014-A - Kennedy
No Assembly Companion
Establishes the New York task force on automated vehicle technology to study and assess the future of automated vehicle technology.

Assembly Status:  Transportation Committee


Passed by the Assembly Only


Teacher Education Admissions
A.2405 - Glick
No Senate Companion
Would allow higher education institutions to use alternative criteria in determining admission into graduate-level teacher and educational leader programs.

Senate Status:  Higher Education Committee

Net Neutrality
A.2432 - Fahy
S.3663 - Carlucci
Would authorize the Public Service Commission the authority to monitor the practices of internet service providers and certify their compliance with net neutrality principles.

Senate Status:  Energy Committee

Copyright Protections
A.5636 - Galef
S.3793 - Carlucci
Waives the ability of government agencies in New York to claim copyright protection except where the record reflects artistic creation, or scientific or academic research, or if the agency intends to distribute the record or derivative work based on it to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership.

Senate Status:  Rules Committee

20 Year Retirement
A.7265 - Griffin
S.5492 - Brooks
Would authorize certain persons in an optional twenty year retirement plan for state university police officer service and regional state park police

Senate Status:  Finance Committee

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