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Legislative Updates

Legislative Updates

2017 Legislative Update Archive


Latest Update - November 22, 2017

November 7th Elections

The recent elections resulted in several current members of the Senate and Assembly who were elected to new positions, thus creating eleven vacancies in January, 2018:

Current Position  -->  New Position

In addition, the recent elections also produced three special elections for Senate and Assembly seats that were already vacant, thus electing individuals to fill those seats in January, 2018:

The Governor has not announced if there will be a date for special elections to fill the eleven vacancies come January, 2018.

Speakers Press Release -

Assembly Hearing

The Assembly Higher Education Committee will conduct a public hearing on December 12, 2017 to collect testimony on the Excelsior Scholarship Program and Enhanced TAP.  This hearing is required pursuant to NYS Assembly Rules, Rule IV, Section 4(b):

  1. Consistent with the provisions of subdivision d of section one of Rule IV hereof, the chairperson of each standing committee shall call at least one public hearing after the adoption of the state budget regarding the implementation and administration of programs of departments, agencies, divisions, authorities, boards, commissions, public benefit corporations and other entities within the jurisdiction of such committee. The purpose of such public hearing shall include, but not be limited to, the impact, if any, of the state budget on the implementation and administration of the programs within such entities' jurisdiction.

The Chancellor will be presenting testimony at this hearing.

Hearing Notice -

Assembly Leadership Changes

Speaker Heastie recently announced new leadership positions and committee chairs for the 2018 legislative session:




Speaker’s Press Release -

Legislative Staff Changes

David Previte replaces Beth Garvey as the Senate Majority Counsel

Zack Saccocio replaces Stephanie Lord as the Assembly Minority Ways & Means analyst for Higher Education

Governor Staff Changes:
Governor Cuomo recently announced that Cathy Calhoun will be the new Director of State Operations, replacing Jamie Rubin.

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Higher Education Legislation

Attached is our summary of legislation approved by the Senate and Assembly that impacts SUNY and higher education.  Note that the MOE and 5 Year Capital Plan proposals have yet to be sent to the Governor for final action.

2018-19 Budget Proposal

The Board of Trustees gave final approval to SUNY’s 2018-19 budget proposal to the Governor last week:


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