2016 Higher Education Legislative Summary

2016 Significant Higher Education Legislative Summary

2016 Chapter-Veto Summary of Significant Higher Education Legislation.

Legislation Approved by the Governor

Chapter 24 – ECMC Collaborative Agreements
S.6394-A Ranzenhofer
A.9176 Peoples-Stokes
Authorizes the Erie County Medical Center Corporation (ECMC) to enter into agreements for the creation and operation of a health care delivery system network which may include the Great Lakes Health, Inc. and the University at Buffalo of the State University of New York.

Chapter 36 – Invoice Payments
A.9174-A Blake
S. 6387-B Martins
Requires state agencies to pay small businesses within fifteen days of receipt of an invoice.

Chapter 74 - Capital Appropriations
S.8159 Flanagan
A.10741 Farrell
Part M would amend Chapter 55 of the Laws of 2016 (Capital Projects) to include additional capital appropriations totaling $20 million for the City University of New York and $30 million for the State University of New York

Chapter 84 - Police Tuition Waivers
S.6474 - Golden
A.9093 Lentol
Continues for 2 years a tuition waiver for one course for police officer students in baccalaureate or higher degree programs at the City University of New York.

Chapter 124 – Occupational Therapists
A.9371 Gunther
S.7226 LaValle
Amends the requirements for education for an occupational therapist and an occupational therapy assistant will allow the State Education Department flexibility in granting a license to an applicant who has completed an education that exceeds the current requirements for a license.

Chapter 156 - Procurement Act Definition
A.10296 Peoples-Stokes
S.7722 Lanza
Clarifies the definition of "restricted period" for purposes of disclosure of state contracts.

Chapter 160 - Small Business Payments
A.10553 Blake
S.7993 Martins
Relates to the definition of small business and extends effectiveness relating to requiring state agencies to pay small businesses within fifteen days of receipt of an invoice.

Chapter 240 - Research Animal Retirement
S.98-A Boyle
A.8261-A Rosenthal
Establishes the research animal retirement act; requires research dogs and cats at higher education research facilities or facilities that provide research in collaboration with a higher education facility, to be offered for placement with non-profit animal rescue and shelter organizations and provides that such facilities may enter into agreements with rescue and shelter organizations for implementation.

Chapter 247 - Cadaver Donation
S.4430-D Felder
A.6372-D Simanowitz
Prohibits the delivery of an unclaimed body in the City of New York, to a university, college, school or institute, unless the consent of the deceased or the person authorized to control the disposition of such body has been granted.

Chapter 257 - Purchase Senior Learning Living Project
A.9689-A Glick
S.7133-A LaValle
Relates to extending the authorization for the length of leased lands located at the state university of New York at Purchase for the purposes of a senior learning center.

Chapter 271 - Old Westbury Child Care Center
S.6837-B Marcellino
A.9413-B Lavine
Authorizes SUNY Old Westbury to lease lands for the construction and operation of a child care center.

Chapter 302 - Meeting Notification
A.6959-A Galef
S.7958 Marchione
Relates to giving public notice of meetings through electronic means; allows notice to be given by posting through electronic means or electronic transmission.

Chapter 325 - Employment Data
S.7967 Martins
A.10578 Titus
Requires the State Education Department to provide to community and technical colleges forward-facing employment data labor market information which shall include current and projected employment opportunities.

Chapter 409 - Alcohol Consumption
A.9056 Lupardo
S.6531 Boyle
Permits students, under the age of twenty-one, to taste or sample alcoholic beverages in off campus settings as part of a required curriculum.

Chapter 410 - Dental School Faculty
A.9129-A Glick
S.6552-A Golden
Extends the expiration of provisions relating to a restricted dental faculty license till 2019 for foreign trained dentists who are employed as full-time faculty members at a New York State dental schools

Chapter 432 – Veterans’ Home Donations
S. 6577-A  Murphy
A. 9315-A  Miller
Permits New York State income tax filers to contribute to the five veterans' homes in New York State, which includes the Long Island State Veterans’ Home at Stony Brook University, on their personal income tax return.

Chapter 450 - House Calls
A.7714-C Gottfried
S.8018 Hannon
Authorizes hospital out-patient clinics and diagnostic and treatment centers to render services to patients by means of making house calls to their place of residence.

Chapter 454 - 529 Accounts
A.9118 Buchwald
S.6942 Croci
Expands contribution options for individuals who choose to invest in higher education by authorizing taxpayers to make direct deposit contributions of personal income tax refunds into a New York State 529 College Savings Program.

Chapter 475 - Private Career Schools
S.4741-B Golden
A.6801-B Lentol
Creates a new exemption for an online education marketplace to offer advertising, marketing, or services in connection with the collection of tuition and fees from requirements relating to obtaining a private school agent's certificate.

Chapter 494 - HEOP Flexibility
S.7348-A Valesky
A.9039-A Magnarelli
Allows private colleges and universities participating in the higher education opportunity program to spend program funds on certain expenses beneficial to students such as student travel for academic activities or conferences and expenses related to helping students apply for and prepare for graduate or professional school.

Chapter 497 - Pathologist Assistants
S.7932 LaValle
A.10408 Harris
Creates a new licensure category for pathologists’ assistant to enable their practice in the State.

Legislation Vetoed by the Governor

Veto 295 - Vendor Responsibility
S.7893 DeFrancisco
A.10688 Peoples-Stokes
Office of State Comptroller bill that addresses several issues including requiring use by state agencies of a system maintained by the State Comptroller to compile vendor responsibility information and defining information technology for procurement purposes.

Veto 304 - Public Work Contracts
S.6906 Ranzenhofer
A.10136 Cusick
Requires any contract made and awarded by a public owner for any public work project to contain, or be presumed to contain, the following: "The failure to give any notice required to be given by such contract within the time prescribed therein shall not invalidate any claim made by the contractor or any other claimant, unless the failure to provide timely notice has materially prejudiced the public owner".

Veto 305 - Safety Net Funding
S.6948-A Hannon
A.9476-A Gottfried
Establishes a hospital supplemental reimbursement rate adjustment for enhanced safety net hospitals.

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