2012 Higher Education Legislative Summary

2012 Significant Higher Education Legislative Summary

Significant Higher Education Legislation Approved by Both the Senate & Assembly during the 2013 Session

Chapter Laws of 2012

Chapter Laws of 2012

Chapter 15 – SUNY Police Contract
S.6610 Robach
A.9459 Abbate
Relates to compensation, benefits and other terms and conditions of employment of members of the agency police services unit which included the SUNY police officers.

Chapter 18 - Tier VI
S.6735 Rules
A.9558 Rules
Establishes a Tier VI retirement benefit for new employees of the State and local governments.

Chapter 37 - PEF Contract
S.6960 Robach-
A.9831 Abbate
Relates to compensation, benefits and other terms and conditions of employment of certain state officers and employees who are members of the public employee’s federation.

Chapter 48 - Physician Assistants
S.4376-B Hannon
A.7355-B Gottfried
Clarifies the statutes governing the practice of physician assistants and specialist assistants.

Chapter 50 – State Operations Budget
A.9050-D Budget
S.6250-D Budget
Enacts the state operations budget which includes state support for SUNY’s state-operated campuses.

Chapter 53 – Aid to Localities Budget
A.9053-E Budget
S.6253-E Budget
Enacts the aid to localities budget which includes state support for community colleges.

Chapter 45 – Capital Projects Budget
Enacts the capital projects budget which includes the SUNY Construction Fund.

Chapter 57 – Education Budget Article VII
A.9057-D Budget
S.6257-E Budget
Enacts major components of legislation which are necessary to implement the education, labor and family assistance budget including directing the board of  trustees of SUNY and CUNY to conduct a study on  student  remediation and strategies and programs to promote transition to college readiness, expansion of the SUNY Challenge Grant Program, clarification of the non-resident tuition of students of the SUNY university centers and a study in relation to community college charges for non-residence students.

Chapter 70 – CUNY Tuition Waiver
A.9167 Lentol
S.6373 Golden
Extends certain provisions of law relating to tuition waivers for police officer students of the city university of New York.

Chapter 106 - Iranian Divestment Act
A.9224 Silver
S.6462 Skelos
Provides for the application of the Iranian energy sector divestment act to public authorities and SUNY and CUNY; prohibits certain contracts.

Chapter 128 - Banking Deposits
A.8971 Magnarelli
S.5135 Martins
Authorizes the state, local governments and public authorities to arrange for redeposit of moneys through a deposit placement program through a bank or trust company that serves as custodian with respect to the moneys and arranges for the redeposit of the moneys in one or more banking institutions.

Chapter 136 - Trocaire College Aid
A.9391 Peoples-Stokes --
S.6424 Grisanti
Ensures that Bundy Aid allocations for Trocaire College is maintained at its current level based on associate degrees awarded.

Chapter 214 - Camp Health Services
S.6466-B Bonacic
A.9794-A Paulin
Authorizes a physician, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, registered nurse, licensed practical nurse or emergency medical technician to act as a designated camp health director or to provide health services at a children's overnight, summer day, or traveling summer day camp with a permit.

Chapter 246 - Student Health Insurance
S.7314-A Seward
A.10577 Morelle
Permits certain private colleges and universities to self-insure for their students' health insurance.

Chapter 278 - Agency Reports
A.7822-A Magnarelli
S.2899-A DeFrancisco
Requires state agency reports to be posted on line and provides for a letter or notice to be sent to members of the legislature indicating the website address and the name of the person at such state agency to whom a legislator may request a printed copy of such report.

Chapter 317 - ESF Property Swap
S.6642-A DeFrancisco
A.9531-A Magnarelli
Authorizes the exchange of property between SUNY ESF and Syracuse University.

Chapter 323 - Physical Therapy Practice Plans
A.10002 Brennan
S.6980 Ranzenhofer
Extends the current list of professions authorized to organize or cause to be organized a university faculty practice corporation to include persons who are authorized to practice physical therapy and who are members of the faculty of the same accredited college or university with an accredited doctor of physical therapy program.

Chapter 329 - Occupational Therapy Assistants
A.10118 Canestrari
S.7175 LaValle
Allows an individual seeking to become an occupational therapy assistant to receive a limited permit to practice while attempting to pass the licensure exam.

Chapter 330 - Gun Safety Course
A.10204 Lifton
S.7436 O'Mara
Allows Cornell University students over the age of 21 to take the Introduction to Handgun Safety and Marksmanship course,

Chapter 390 - Telemedicine Services
A.9834 Gunther
S.6970 Young
Provides for the credentialing of health care providers providing telemedicine services.

Chapter 444 - Occupational Therapy Continuing Education
S.2935-B LaValle
A. 4519-B Canestrari
Establishes requirements for occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants to complete continuing competency courses as part of their triennial license renewal; also provides for a mandatory continuing competency fee to be paid at the time of license renewal and which will be in addition to the triennial registration fee.

Chapter 451 - Deductions From Wages
A.10785 Morelle
S.7790 Young
Establishes additional categories of permissible wage deductions that may be taken by employers with the consent of employees.

Chapter 479 - Perfusionist Licensure
S.4640-C DeFrancisco
A.4153-C Magnarelli
Permits perfusionists to directly perform laboratory tests necessary to their job of running machines essential to procedures such as open heart surgery and organ transplants.

Chapter 485 - Terminated State Employees
S.6584 McDonald
A.9372 Abbate
Permits employees who were terminated between January 1, 2009 and April 1, 2014 due to a reduction in the state workforce, to appear or practice before their former agency or receive compensation for rendering services on a matter before their former agency, avoiding the current two year ban.

Chapter 499 - Cornell Peace Officers
S.7485-A O'Mara
A.10400-A Lifton
Permits Cornell University to hire campus police officers that are assigned to the Ithaca campus who live outside of Tompkins County.

Chapter 503 - Cyber Research Institute
A.9663-A Brindisi
S.6762-A Griffo
Provides that the Urban Development Corporation shall establish a Cyber Research Institute to perform research and development in cyber security and work with the Air Force Research Lab in Rome, New York.

Chapter 504 - University of Rochester Peace Officers
A.9666-A Bronson
S.6249-B Alesi
Designates security services officers of the University of Rochester as peace officers.


Vetoes of 2012

Veto 146 - Agency Advertising
A.9034-B Englebright
S.6285-A Lanza
Prohibits a state agency from entering into contracts for advertising mailings for products and services of entities which relate directly to the authority of such agency.

Veto 150 - Consultant Contracts
S.7782 Robach
A.10781 Bronson
Relates to the cost effectiveness of consultant contracts by state agencies.

Veto 157 - Central Service Technicians
A.8620-C Bronson
S.5155-D Grisanti
Requires individuals employed in the supply of central services to hospitals to be certified and undergo continuing education.

Veto 158 - Surgical Technology
A.9303A Cahill
S.6511-A Savino
Requires individuals employed as surgical technologists in hospitals to be certified and sets forth the requirements for such certification.

Veto 165 - Nurse Anesthetist Certification
S.5356-D Young
A.8392-C Paulin
Provides for the certification by the education department of certified registered nurse anesthetists.

Veto 188 - NFP Prompt Payment
S.6469 DeFrancisco
A.9342 Englebright
Establishes that not-for-profit organizations shall be entitled to all prompt contracting interest due from a state agency at the time of the first payment made to any such organization.


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