Annual Legislative Summary

Significant Higher Education Legislative Summary

Significant Higher Education Legislation Approved by Both the Senate & Assembly during the 2018 Session is shown below.

Significant Higher Education Legislation, 2018 Session

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Chapter Laws of 2018

Chapter 16 – Military Paid Healthcare Leave
A.8941  Paulin
S.7289  Croci
Provides five additional working days of leave per calendar year for healthcare related services to state employees with combat experience.

Chapter 33 – Child Care Task Force
S.7312  Avella
A.9003  Jaffee
Broadens the focus and composition of the taskforce to evaluate the affordability and availability of child care in New York State to include a representative from SUNY.

Chapter 34 – Child Care Internet Mapping
A.8991  Mayer
S.7313  Kennedy
Makes conforming changes relating to directing the Council on Children and Families to establish an online listing and map of publically funded or registered afterschool and school age child care programs that coincide with internet mapping resource project already underway.

Chapter 40 – Workforce Development Reporting
A.8930  Bronson
S.7325  Phillips
Amends Chapter 458 of the laws of 2017 to ensure access to timely information regarding workforce development program funding and require the Department of Labor to establish, maintain, and publish on its website an online database cataloguing workforce development funding programs.

Chapter 47 - On-Line FOIL Requests
S.7431  Murphy
A.2131  Peoples-Stokes
Promotes open government by requiring state agency websites to provide for the online submission of requests for public access to records.

Chapter 49 – Work Schedule Study
A.8929  Rozic
S.7296  Kavangh
Provides for a triennial report to be issued by the president of the civil service commission regarding state agencies that allow for alternative work schedules or flexible work hours.

Chapter 67 - CUNY Tuition Waiver
A.9728  Lentol
S.7616  Golden
Extends the current law that requires the Board of Trustees of CUNY to promulgate regulations to permit members of the NYC Police Department who are enrolled in programs leading to a baccalaureate or higher degree at CUNY, to take one course without tuition, on a space available basis, provided that the course is related to their employment as a police officer.

Chapter 146 - Clinical Laboratory Technology
A.9966-A  Magnarelli
S.8140-A  DeFrancisco
Would replace the current limited license provision for clinical laboratory personnel, which sunsets every few years, and replace the limited license with a provisional permit.

Chapter 188 - Hazing Clarification
A.5200  Weprin
S.2755  LaValle
Clarifies the definition of hazing to include a person is guilty of hazing in the first degree when in the course of another person's initiation into or affiliation with any organization when such person engages in intentionally or recklessly conduct, including engaging physical contact, creating a substantial risk of physical injury to such other person or a third person and thereby causes such injury.

Chapter 224 - WTC Memorial Scholarship Fund
A.7715-B  Thiele
S.6072-B  LaValle
Authorizes the issuance of distinctive commemorative license plates to commemorate all the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks with a portion of the collected charges be used for the purpose of providing scholarship money for the families of September eleventh victims.

Chapter 263 - UUP Pay Bill
A.11227  Abbate
S.9109  LaValle
Implements the terms of a collective bargaining agreement between the New York State and the United University Professions providing an appropriation totaling $321.3 million to cover the personal service, non-personal service and fringe benefit costs required of the Agreement during the period April 1, 2016 to June 30, 2019.

Chapter 301 - Dental Faculty
A.9915  Glick
S.7594  Golden
Extends the current provisions concerning licensure to foreign trained dentists who are employed as full-time faculty members at a New York State dental school.

Chapter 310 - Educational Housing Services & DASNY
A.7015  Cymbrowitz
S.5265  Golden
Makes permanent Educational Housing Services ability to use DASNY in order to finance student housing projects in NYC.

Chapter 328 - Proprietary School Licensure
A.10377  Glick
S.8215  LaValle
Would extend for an additional three years, the provision that allows proprietary schools to operate under a candidacy status for a period of one year.

Chapter 329 - STEM Expansion
A.10864  Hyndman
S.8727  LaValle
Would expand the New York State Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Incentive Program to include students attending private institutions.

Chapter 351 - ACT Exam Expansion
S.8639-C  LaValle
A.11022-A  Magnarelli
Will allow ACT, Inc. to offer the additional test dates, while still complying with State disclosure requirements and increases the penalty per violation in the Truth in Testing Law.

Chapter 373 - Charities Bureau Information
A.2688-B  Steck
S.3780-B  Ranzenhofer
Would require that fundraisers advise potential donors of the existence of the Attorney General's website, and also provide a telephone number for the Charities Bureau of the Attorney General's Office if they do not have access to the internet.

Chapter 375 - Food Bank Donations
A.4572-A  Magee
S.8938  Funke
Authorizes a tax check-off for gifts to the regional food banks to assist in providing food and nutritious supplement to those in need throughout New York State.

Chapter 380 - BSN Clarification
S.7320  Flanagan
A.8952  Morelle
Makes technical changes to chapter 502 of the laws of 2017 to ensure that the profession of nursing is able to transition to the new education requirements in a responsible manner, authorizes SED to issue a temporary educational exemptions and requires the nursing program evaluation commission to make recommendations on the impact of requirements for achievement of a baccalaureate degree in any lesser period of time than required by law as condition to maintaining employment.

Chapter 398 – Entrepreneurship Assistance Centers
A.2805  Thiele
S.3804  Bailey
Establishes entrepreneurship assistance centers, which will support local development corporations, chambers of commerce, community based business outreach centers and other community-based organizations in the training of minority group members, women, individuals with a disability and dislocated workers in the principles and practice of entrepreneurship in order to prepare such persons to pursue self-employment opportunities.

Chapter 400 - TAP Award Extension
A.8110  Simon
S.1243  LaValle
Extends eligibility for tuition assistance program awards for certain undergraduates who must transfer to another institution as a result of a permanent college closure by two semesters.

Chapter 403 - Wage Disparity Report
A.2549  Lifton
S.3262  Parker
Would direct the president of the state Civil Service Commission to study and publish a report evaluating among public employers the existence of wage disparities related to the job titles segregated by the gender, race and/or national origin of the employee.

Chapter 405 - Landscape Architecture
A.7819-A  Buchwald
S.1330-A  Valesky
To ensure that state agencies receive the services of the most qualified contractor through the establishment of a mechanism for procurement of landscape architecture services in the same manner as architectural services, engineering services, and land surveying services.

Chapter 408 – Rule Making Comments
A.9643  Wallace
S.6916  Jacobs
Requires state agencies to allow for 45-days instead of 30-days for public comment when the agency revises a rule proposal under the State Administrative Procedure Act.

Chapter 423 - CUNY Donations
S.1198-A  Persaud
A.7129-A  Williams
Allows an individual in any taxable year to elect to contribute to CUNY with all revenues collected credited to the City University Construction Fund.

Chapter 436 - Psychologist Continuing Education
S.7398-A  Valesky
A.9072-A  Fahy
Would require psychologists to complete thirty-six hours of continuing education during the registration period, three hours of which shall be course work in the area of professional ethics.

Chapter 454 - Southampton Hospital Land Lease
S.9103-A  LaValle
A.12244  Thiele
Authorizes the SUNY to enter into a lease and otherwise make grounds available at the Stony Brook Southampton campus to the Southampton Hospital Association for the construction of a hospital that will improve ambulatory and patient access and provide medical and health care students at the Stony Brook Southampton campus.

Chapter 461 - Policy-Making Positions Report
A.5487  Seawright
S.3810  Bailey
Requires the Secretary of State to identify persons subjected to the public officers law and who hold policy-making positions at all state agencies in order to report on the policy-making positions held by women compared to policy-making positions held by men.

Chapter 462 - Suicide Prevention Materials
A.3210-A  Ortiz
S.5860-A  Richie
Provides that information from the Office of Mental Health on depression and suicide prevention is provide to faculty and staff affiliated with SUNY and CUNY.

Chapter 486 - Police Car Disposal
S.7351-A  Valseky
A.9012-A  Hunter
Requires the removal of police markings and lights from decommissioned vehicles prior to selling them to the public.

Chapter 498 - Ronald McDonald House Land Lease
S.8187-A  Flanagan
A.11037  Englebright
Authorizes SUNY to enter into a lease and otherwise contract to make grounds available and facilities at Stony Brook to the Ronald McDonald House of Long Island, Inc., for the construction of a facility to ensure quality pediatric health care services to the surrounding community.

Vetoes of 2018


Veto 272 - Consultant Services
A.2022  Bronson
S.383  Robach
Requires agencies to conduct a cost comparison prior to entering into a contract for consultant services to determine if there is a less expensive alternative.

Veto 273 - Blood Drives
A.2381  Gottfried
S.2701  Parker
Allows the Health Commissioner to make grants, within amounts appropriated, to not-for-profit organizations and elementary, secondary and postsecondary schools to help pay for the costs of conducting a local blood donation drive.

Veto 282 - Book Purchasing
A.7265-A  Abinanti
S.6424-A  Ritchie
Establishes a statewide centralized system for the delivery of books, including electronic books and other non-print library materials and included SUNY and CUNY as authorized users of the comprehensive centralized system for e-book purchasing.

Veto 286 - ORP-ERS Transfer
A.8402-A  Abbate
S.6435-B  Flanagan
Will allow certain nurses at Stony Brook Hospital, who are participants in the Optional Retirement Program (ORP) to join the New York State and Local Retirement System (ERS) or the New York State Teachers Retirement System (TRS) and to purchase credit for past-service accrued while participating in the ORP.

Veto 296 - Sick Leave Transfer
A.10735  Abbate
S.7933   Benjamin
Will allow an individual who works for the state and is separated from state service to maintain their accrued sick leave for purposes of offsetting the cost of vested retiree health care if, within one year of the date of separation from state service, the individual regains employment with a community college.

Veto 311 - Disability Pension Benefits
S.5594-C  Golden
A.7600-C  Abbate
Provides for improved accidental and performance of duty disability pensions to certain members or officers of the division of law  enforcement in the department of environmental conservation, forest rangers, SUNY police officers and regional state park police.

Veto 315 - Employee Injury Report
S.6464-A  Addabbo
A.4933-B  Weprin
Requires each state agency referenced in the annual report issued by the president of the civil service commission, including SUNY & CUNY, to write and submit an action plan with participation from employee representatives for reducing occurrences of such injuries in the coming year.

Veto 319 - Five Year Capital Plan
S.7236  LaValle
A.10631  Glick
Relates to five-year capital plans for the state university of New York and the city university of New York.

Veto 331 – Buy New York
A. 6175-A  Schimminger
S.622-A   Boyle
Establishes and implementa a public awareness campaign including a business website promoting businesses located in New York State and encouraging individuals and businesses to purchase products and services from such businesses.

Veto 336 - Procurement Flexibility
A.8156  Peoples-Stokes
S.6452  DeFrancisco
Enacts various provisions relating to procurement procedures to help streamline procurements resulting in more effective and efficient procurements at reduced costs and facilitate the use of new methods that will result in more effective and efficient procurements at reduced costs, providing additional transparency to the procurement process.

Veto 345 – MWBE Certification
A.10744-A  Peoples-Stokes
S.8870-A  Ritchie
Provides a pathway for minority or women owned businesses that are not eligible to become certified as MWBEs due to exceeding small business or personal net worth thresholds to participate on certain contracts as a certified MWBE.

Veto 350 - Alcohol Related Internships
A.11203  Lupardo
S.9040  Gallivan
Would specify the number and size of tasting samples of certain wine, beer, cider, and liquor, provided by producers licensed under the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law and that no persons under the age of 21 can serve or handle open containers in a tasting room, impacting student internships.

Veto 352 - Heart Disease Benefits
S.4634-A  Funke
A.6413-A  Abbate
Includes SUNY police officers for purposes of presumption regarding impairment caused by heart disease with the same benefits provided other police officers.

Veto 355 - Contract Delays
S.6686  Ranzenhofer
A.7945-A  Kim
Requires public contracts to include a clause authorizing contractors to recover damages for delay for itself as well as on behalf of subcontractors or materialmen.

Veto 356 - MOE Expansion
S.7259-A  LaValle
A.10620  Glick
Clarifies that the SUNY health science centers are included in the maintenance of effort provision pursuant to chapter 260 of the laws of 2011.

Passed by the Senate – Not Passed by the Assembly


Dependent Family Tuition
S.254  Ortt
A.1737  Hawley
Provides free tuition expenses for SUNY or CUNY to surviving dependent family members of NYS military personnel who have died while performing official military duties.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Border State Tuition
S.549-A  Young
A.2778-A  Ryan
Authorizes the state university trustees to offer separate tuition rates to certain non-resident undergraduate students attending Fredonia or Alfred State.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Veterans Career Centers
S.938  Croci
A.4755  DenDekker
Establishes the veteran career assistance program within the SUNY and CUNY systems in order to assist veterans in translating their military experiences and skills for the purpose of building a civilian resume.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

College Housing
S.1009  Robach
No Assembly Companion
Would prohibits level three sex offenders from living in college housing.

In-State Tuition
S.1011  Robach
A.10188  Lawrence
Would include active duty military and certain veterans going to college under the new GI bill in the definition of resident as it relates to community colleges and state-aided four-year colleges.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Workforce Projections
S.1099-A  Rivera
A.11084-A  Pichardo
Would requires the commissioner of education to produce an annual report regarding state workforce projections and education credential production.

Assembly Status:  Education Committee

Senior Citizen Credit
S.1110-A  Felder
A.1672-A  Magnarelli
Would permits persons 65 years of age to enroll in a limited number of SUNY & CUNY courses for credit without the payment of tuition.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Fire Safety Report
S.1518-A  Avella
A.3542-A  DenDekker
Would have authorized and directed the boards of trustees of SUNY and CUNY to report on the extent of fire detection and suppression systems within residential facilities within the state and city university provided or maintained in response to the New York State Governor's Task Force on Campus Fire Safety issued in July 2000.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Hospital Operating Accounts
S.2211-A  LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Would establish the state university of New York upstate medical hospital operating account, the state university of New York downstate medical hospital operating account and the state university of New York Stony Brook medical hospital operating account to ensure the hospitals are only supported through self-generated revenues and State General Fund monies.

College Council Attendance
S.2212  LaValle
A.8297  Hyndman
Mandates attendance by members appointed by the governor at meetings of councils of state-operated institutions.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Community College Workforce Grants
S.2232-A  LaValle
A.969-A  Simon
Establishes the retrain and employ unemployed persons program providing grants to community colleges to develop training programs or improve existing workforce development programs for the purposes of training unemployed individuals for jobs in the regions surrounding such community colleges.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Textbook Report
S.2444  Hamilton
A.7221  Kim
Requires the boards of trustees of the state university of New York and the city university of New York each to conduct and report on the availability and accessibility of alternative high-quality, lower cost course resources in lieu of traditional textbooks.

Assembly Status:  Higher Education Committee

Student Organization Funding
S.2493-A  Phillips
No Assembly Companion
Prohibits certain student organizations which participate in discrimination or intolerance from receiving funding from SUNY, CUNY or community colleges.

Regulations Fiscal Note
S.2548-A  LaValle
A.8725  Thiele
Requires the inclusion of a fiscal note with the adoption of a resolution or change in the rules and regulations governing educational institutions which have a fiscal impact.

Assembly Status:  Held for Consideration in Higher Education Committee

Campus Safety Clarifications
S.2552  LaValle
A.5094  Weprin
Requires colleges to educate the campus community on bias-related crime, hazing, underage drinking and illegal drug use and expands authority of colleges to regulate conduct by college and student government organizations and clubs, athletic teams and clubs, alumni organizations, fraternities, sororities, and any other organization that has access to and use of the college facilities.

Assembly Status: Higher Education Committee

Retired Police Hiring
S.3552-A  Golden
A.3965-A  Abbate
Permits the employment of retired police, firefighters and EMTs without diminution of retirement allowance for periods in excess of two years.

Assembly Status:  Governmental Employees Committee

Veterans Academic Credit
S.3674-B  Addabbo
A.3179-B  DenDekker
Allows the granting of academic credit at SUNY & CUNY to veterans recognizing those courses and award educational credits for courses that were part of a veteran's military training or service if the courses meet the standards of the American Council on Education or equivalent standards for awarding academic credits.

Assembly Status: Higher Education Committee

Incubator Sales Tax Exemption
S.3828-A  LaValle
A.3330-A  Schimminger
Provides an exemption from the tax on sales and the compensating use tax for equipment, with a purchase price of five hundred dollars or greater, purchased by companies located in college incubator facilities or incubator facilities funded by the state.

Assembly Status:  Ways and Means Committee

Dissertation Sales
S.3834  LaValle
A.3482  Schimminger
Prohibits the sale of academic dissertations, theses and term papers whether written or provided through electronic media.

Assembly Status: Higher Education Committee

Procurement Pre-Audits
S.3984-A  DeFrancisco
A.6355-A  Peoples-Stokes
Enacts the Comptroller’s "New York state procurement integrity act".

Assembly Status:  Governmental Operations Committee

S.4062-A   Lanza
A.7235-A  Cusick
Exempts institutions of higher education from the metropolitan commuter transportation mobility tax.

Assembly Status:  Ways & Means Committee

Border Tuition
S.4616  Griffo
No Assembly Companion
Authorizes the SUNY trustees to offer separate tuition rates to certain non-resident undergraduate students attending SUNY Potsdam.

Loan Refinancing Study
S.5120-A  Hamilton
No Assembly Companion
Establishes a private student loan refinance task force to study and report on ways lending institutions offering private student loans to graduates of institutions of higher education can be encouraged to establish student loan refinancing programs.

Home Instruction Admission
S.5131-A  Robach
A.8969  Woerner
Prohibits the commissioner of education from requiring pupils who have completed the requirements of a home school education or a non-public school program to obtain or submit proof of having obtained a general education development certificate or any accredited diploma.

Assembly Status: Higher Education Committee

Oral Medications
S.5235-A  Funke
A.6751-A  Paulin
Would require optometrists who wish to prescribe and use oral medications to take a certification course and pass an examination approved by the Education Department.

Assembly Status: Higher Education Committee

Organ Donations
S.5283-C  Jacobs
A.8116   Ortiz
Authorizes registration as an organ donor in the donate life registry on SUNY, CUNY and library card applications.

Assembly Status:  Held for Consideration in Higher Education Committee

Felony Conviction
S.5462-A  Young
No Assembly Companions
Directs the SUNY board of trustees to require applicants to state-operated institutions to state whether they have been convicted of a violent felony sex offense or multiple counts of sexual misconduct.

Room & Board Costs
S.5575-B  LaValle
No Assembly Companion
Requires SUNY & CUNY to disclose the costs of providing for and those imposed for room and board on each campus.

Organ Donation
S.6196  Peralta
A.8469  Ortiz
Requires that space be provided on applications for student loan and aid programs, for the applicant to register in the "donate life registry" for organ, eye and tissue donation.

Assembly Status: Higher Education Committee

Textbook Pricing
S.6608  Helming
A.10014  Hyndman
Reduces the cost of textbooks and course materials for students of institutions of higher education by requiring every institution of higher education to adopt policies that allow the use of innovative pricing techniques and payment options for textbooks, supplemental materials, and other course materials or textbooks.

Assembly Status: Higher Education Committee

Diversity Office
S.7228  Parker
No Assembly Companion
Establishes the office for diversity and educational equity within the state university of New York administration.

Teacher Incentive Scholarships
S7237  LaValle
A.9602  Fahy
Expands the New York state masters-in-education teacher incentive scholarship program to include private colleges.

Assembly Status:  Held for Consideration in Higher Education Committee 

211 Waivers
S.7667  Stavisky
A.10119  Zebrowski
Would permit retired police and firefighter officers to re-enter public service for the state university of New York or a community college as a faculty member, or as director of public safety for a community college.

Assembly Status:  Governmental Employees Committee

Smart Schools Board Meetings
S.7846  Phillips
A.10156  Barrett
Would requires the smart schools review board to meet on a monthly basis; provide notification of rejections or modifications within seven days; and make payments within thirty days of approval.

Assembly Status: Education Committee

Police GAE
S8980-A  Jacobs
A.10746-A   Lentol
Would expand the geographical area of employment of university police officers to all areas of the state.

Assembly Status:  Codes Committee

Smart Scholars Continuation
S.9060  Marcellino
A.11047-A  Nolan
Continues NYS Smart Scholars early college high school program and the NYS pathways in technology early college high school program.

Assembly Status:  Ways & Means Committee

Passed By Assembly – Not Passed by the Senate

Copyright Protections
A.2401  Galef
S.1205  Carlucci
Waives the ability of government agencies in New York to claim copyright protection except where the record reflects artistic creation, or scientific or academic research, or if the agency intends to distribute the record or derivative work based on it to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership.

Senate Status:  Investigations and Government Operations Committee

FOIL Denial
A.3463  Englebright
No Senate Companion
Would provide that when an agency is considering denying access to records under the law enforcement exception to FOIL on the grounds that disclosure would interfere with a judicial proceeding, then the decision of whether to grant access would be made by the judge presiding over that judicial proceeding.

Endowment Fund
A.3648-A  Glick
S.2074-A  LaValle
Establishes the "public higher education quality initiative endowment" fund to be used solely for the purpose of hiring full-time faculty and professional staff at the State University of New York, the City University of New York and their community colleges.

Senate Status:  Finance Committee

Graduate Admissions
A.3917  Glick
No Senate Companion
Would remove the requirement that applicants admitted into a graduate-level teacher and leader education programs have achieved a 3.0 minimum cumulative grade point average in the candidate's undergraduate program.

Gender Neutral Bathrooms
A.5137-A  Rosenthal L
S.6620  Lanza
Requires that all single occupancy bathrooms in state owned or operated buildings and office space be designated as gender neutral.

Senate Status:  Investigations and Government Operations Committee

A.6659  Dilan
S.6356  Marcellino
Extends the anti-discrimination protections of Article 15 of the Executive Law - "Human Rights Law" - to cover public as well as private schools.

Senate Status:  Investigations and Government Operations Committee

Tuition Appeal
A.6977-A  Barron
No Senate Companion
Requires the establishment of an appeals process for students who are denied the state resident tuition rate at any public university or college.

Artificial Intelligence Study
A.8821  Vanel
No Senate Companion
Creates a temporary state commission to study and investigate how to regulate artificial intelligence; and repeals such commission one year after this act takes effect.

Net Neutrality
A.8882-C  Fahy
S.7183-C  Carlucci
Relates to instituting internet service neutrality providing the public service commission with jurisdiction over monitoring broadband internet service providers and requires a certification for internet service neutrality in certain state contracts.

A.9605-A  De La Rosa
S.471-C  Peralta
Enacts the New York state DREAM Act by creating the New York DREAM fund commission and amends eligibility requirements and conditions governing certain awards.

Senate Status:  Higher Education Committee

Teacher Assessments
A.10475  Nolan
S.8301  Marcellino
Amends the annual teacher and principal evaluation system to eliminate the mandatory use of state assessments to determine a teacher or principal's evaluation.

Senate Status:  Rules Committee

Graduate Admissions
A.10952  Glick
S.8776  LaValleProvide
s higher education institutions with alternative criteria to use in determining admission into graduate-level and educational leader programs.

Senate Status:  Higher Education Committee

Smart Schools Review Board
A.11046  Nolan
S.9115  Serino
Would require that the smart schools review board meet at least once every three months to approve or reject plans that have undergone review.

Senate Status:  Rules Committee

Government Relations