2018-19 Budget Priorities

2018/19 SUNY Budget Priorities

The following areas are SUNY's focal points during the 2018-19 New York State budget season.


Community Colleges – Stabilize funding for community colleges by shifting from a volume-based funding formula to a model that provides predictable base aid funding, similar to what the state-operated campuses receive, supplemented by additional investment related to inflation and high need/high cost program support.

State-Operated Campuses – Provide the SUNY Board of Trustees the authority to set market appropriate tuition rates at campuses near state borders so they may compete with out-of-state schools, and for professional master’s degree programs to allow campuses the ability to be more competitive with their peers.

Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) – Continue to provide support to small businesses by restoring $1.5 million to the SBDC program and adding $550,000 to match potential funding from the federal government.



SUNY Hospitals – Restore the $78.6 million in direct state tax support. Exempt SUNY’s teaching hospitals, all safety-net hospitals in their communities, from the application of the 2% operating rule metric, thereby treating them as other health and hospital related entities in the State budget, and provide them with limited procurement flexibility.

Critical Maintenance & Energy Retrofits – Restore $200 million in critical maintenance, and provide an additional $250 million in flexible capital funding, for a total of $800 million for the State-operated campuses, ensuring the safety of students, faculty, and staff in the nearly 2,400 buildings owned and operated by SUNY, and allow for new construction when warranted. Provide $80 million for energy retrofits to be made with critical maintenance projects reducing energy consumption and costs.

Disproportionate Share Hospital Payments (DSH) – Ensure that the SUNY teaching hospitals are fully reimbursed for losses incurred by treating Medicaid and uninsured patients.



Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) – Restore $5.4 million to EOP to prevent a decline in enrollment of 765 students in fall 2018, and a $500 decrease in the direct aid awards to the over 10,000 students in the program.

Educational Opportunity Centers (EOC) & ATTAIN Labs – Restore $7 million to ensure the continuation of programming at 12 EOC locations and 36 ATTAIN Labs.

Graduation, Achievement, and Placement (GAP) Program – Restore $1.5 million in order to ensure the continuation of student success programs that improve transfer and graduation rates.

Child Care for Community Colleges – Restore $1.1 million to ensure that there is no reduction in the number of children served by community college child care centers.

Mental Health Tele-Counseling – Restore $300,000 to guarantee the continuation of the SUNY Student Tele-Counseling Network pilot program, which leverages expertise at Upstate Medical University to provide counseling services to students at SUNY Oneonta, SUNY Oswego, SUNY Poly (Utica) and Onondaga Community College.

Programmatic Initiatives – Restore $600,000 to the Graduate Diversity Program and $250,000 to the Cornell Veterinary College.

DREAM Act – SUNY supports the enactment of the DREAM Act.


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