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SUNY System Administration supports the principle that whenever possible a full, open, affirmative-action search should be conducted prior to filling a professional vacancy. The two categories within the professional services are:


  1. Management/Confidential: Employees in this category serve at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees, the Chancellor or designee.

  2. Professional services: Employment in this category is in the Professional Services Negotiating Unit (UUP).


Positions in clerical support, some technical support, a few entry level administrative positions and other support functions including maintenance, operation and security are in the New York State classified service.

Recruitment procedures are determined by applicable sections of the Civil Service Law, administrative regulations, and agreements negotiated under the laws of New York State recognizing the representation rights of public employees. Under Civil Service Law the classified service is divided into four classes:

| Competitive Class | Labor Class | Non Competitive Class | Exempt Class |

Competitive Class
This class includes all positions for which it is practical to determine the merit and fitness of applicants by competitive examination. Most secretarial and clerical positions fall within the class as do most supervisory level positions in other groups of the support staff. Only those eligible for transfer, reinstatement or reachable on the appropriate civil service list may be considered to fill competitive class civil service vacancies.

Labor Class
This class comprises all unskilled labor positions except those at the supervisory level.

Non Competitive Class
This class includes those positions for which the State Civil Service Commission has determined that it is not practical to hold a competitive examination. The Civil Service Commission prescribes minimum qualifications for those positions in lieu of an examination. The so called 'journeymen' level positions on the maintenance support staff such as Carpenter, Electrician, or Mechanic are the type of position assigned to this class. Appointment to higher salaried vacant positions are made on the basis of seniority.

Exempt Class
Positions in this class are those other than unskilled labor positions for which neither competitive examination nor the non-competitive minimum qualifications are predictable. Vacancies are open to all qualified applicants.



SUNY students are offered the opportunity to intern full-time during a summer or part-time during the fall and spring academic semesters. These positions may be paid or unpaid, and are for both undergraduate and graduate students who either have an interest in higher education or who may be required to complete an internship for college credit.


Employment Opportunities

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