Schenectady County CC Community Engagement

Schenectady County Community College Community Engagement

A snapshot of Community Engagement and Applied Learning at Schenectady County Community College

Interpersonal and Group Dynamics- Direct Service Learning Experience

The purpose of this class is for students to learn interpersonal and group communication skills. They apply these skills through a direct service learning experience with agencies and schools in the Capital District. This experience familiarizes the students with the community where they will complete their human service field experience. Students learn communication skills through a group activity in which they choose their groups, establish a community need from a specific agency, and develop a service learning plan. One group of students coordinated a morning of respite, in collaboration with the staff at Parsons, for parents who are raising children with physical and mental challenges. They created and implemented arts and crafts activities, face painting, and games. Generous donations from community partners contributed to the success of this service learning experience. The students celebrated their success by sharing a PowerPoint presentation with the class. They also created a DVD with music and pictures, which they shared with the class and participants in the Power of SUNY hosted by Schenectady County Community College.

Child Maltreatment: Prevention, Investigation and Treatment – Advocacy Service Learning Experience

The purpose of this service learning experience is for students to learn the advocacy process. Students research current NYS children’s legislative issues, compose a letter advocating for these issues and conduct a letter signing campaign, which includes mailing the letters to their elected officials. Several students participated in an Early Intervention Advocacy Day in collaboration with the Capital District Coordinating Council. A local elected official will be visiting the class for the purpose of further teaching them about the advocacy process.

Oral Local History Research Projects, and Introduction to Black History

Working in groups, students in two history classes are asked to identify historical topics that are still relevant in their communities. At the end of the term, students address the following question in an oral group presentation and a subsequent analytical paper: “What did you learn about this person’s life and about the connections between personal experiences and the larger historical events during his or her lifetime?” Most students know the names of larger than life historical figures, of battles, and of wars. What students often do not realize is that history is made by the countless, largely unrecorded, daily actions of perfectly ordinary people just like them. This oral history project asks students to uncover an unwritten piece of history in their community. The assignment is designed to encourage civic engagement and participation and a sense of responsibility for local communities. The students’ work is provided to the Schenectady Historical Society Library and Archives.

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