Monroe Community College Community Engagement

Monroe Community College Community Engagement

A snapshot of Community Engagement and Applied Learning at Monroe Community College

Horizons at Monroe Community College

Horizons at MCC is a six-week summer enrichment program that provides an opportunity for early academic intervention. Serving low-income Rochester City School District students in grades K through 4 on the Brighton Campus of MCC, Horizons at MCC uses an experiential model of teaching focused on reading, writing, and math, enhanced with "specials" such as art, swimming, gardening, health/physical education, and age-appropriate and content-related field trips. Our students thrive in experiencing summer learning while avoiding the typical summer brain drain and the associated "achievement gap" that develops over the years. Part of what makes Horizons at MCC unique is an inquiry-learning model that utilizes a balanced literacy approach to learning, while exposing children to the enriched environment and resources of an innovative community college. Pre- and post-summer literacy assessments are given to participants to track progress during the program. Reading assessment data from 2013 Horizons at MCC students revealed that no children lost reading skills, while 88% made gains in reading skills during the six weeks.

Literacy Kits and Family Fun Packs

MCC’s Department of Education and Service-Learning office are both dedicated to early literacy in all areas of learning. One way that this is reflected is on the Literacy Kits and Family Fun packs created by students and given to families. These literacy tools incorporate early literacy through reading comprehension and MCC has developed partnerships with over 15 different childcare centers that receive and implement these learning tools on a regular basis. These projects occur during spring and fall semesters. Family Fun Packs are similar in concept to Literacy Kits yet different in size and implementation. Literacy Kits are multiple-book, thematic units that are to be implemented by a childcare professional. Both are sustainable educational tools that include a lesson plan explaining everything to the parent, guardian or child care professional. The lesson plan includes thematically related activities that touch on the various domains of early childhood development.

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