Cornell Community Engagement

Cornell University Community Engagement

A snapshot of Community Engagement and Applied Learning at Cornell University

Center for Teaching Excellence

Committed to the advancement of teaching and learning and Cornell University, the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) works to advance the academic side of public engagement by supporting faculty who want to bring their students a richer learning experience through service-learning.  Each year, with the sponsorship of Engaged Learning + Research, they hold a Faculty Institute on Community Engaged Learning and Teaching. The institute aims to bring together faculty from diverse disciplines interested in connecting on service-learning and teaching. CTE acts as a resource for the academic community by offering a wide array of research-based programs and services that support teaching and reflective practice. We encourage instructional practices that focus on student learning and develop critical thinking skills. We serve as a catalyst for a university-wide dialogue that fosters a shared vision of teaching excellence at Cornell and advances scholarly activities related to teaching and learning.

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Public Service Center

Founded in 1991, the mission of the Public Service Center (PSC) is to champion the conviction that the Cornell University experience confirms service as essential to active citizenship. To fulfill this mission, the Public Service Center has chosen service-learning as the educational philosophy to guide its programs. A service-learning approach enhances and reinforces academic learning with practical experiences, strengthens civic values and moral character, and responds to community needs.  The PSC encompasses civic and community development projects, student organizations, school programs, student leadership development, academic-based programs and related community-based learning courses that work with communities to strengthen democracy and the public good.

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