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Campus Co-Branding

Campus Co-Branding

Priority Of Communication

The tools given for use in this section are meant as accents to a campus-driven communication. The SUNY brandmark or icon should in no way impede the overall communication piece. The campus brandmark and message should always take priority position over the SUNY identity.

Priority of Communication
  1) Campus Brand
  2) Campus Message
  3) SUNY

Typographic Endorsement

When producing new campus logos, whether a small update, the full expression of "The State University of New York", or the acronym "SUNY" should be included. When using the full expression, using the SUNY Typeface (AauxProOT) is preferred but it is acceptable to use a Campus Brand specific typeface. There is no official approval process for campus co-branding.

Please direct all questions regarding the integration of SUNY into the brandmark to SUNY Office of Design and Print - 518-320-1661 or design&

SUNY logo brandmark typography endorsement

Graphic Endorsement

The SUNY Brandmark is only used to endorse your campus brand which should be the hero of any piece of campus specific communication. It is not always necessary to include the SUNY Brandmark in communications. For example, a business card would become cluttered with a campus brandmark and a SUNY Brandmark and thus muddle the priority of communication.

SUNY Brand graphic endorsement for design work.

SUNY Brand