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SUNY brandmark logo with circle and State University of New York.


When using 'The State University of New York' within the context of body copy, the first instance of the word must always include the TM symbol.

 TM Placement:

SUNY brandmark logo with State University of New York and TM symbol

to the right of the descriptor

SUNY circle logo brandmark with TM symbol

to the bottom right of the icon when not using the descriptor

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Component Spacing

The relationship between the circle and the text outside of the circle (The State University of New York) should have the space of 1 capital letter "S" from the State University type size.

‌‌SUNY Brandmark with component spacing designations

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Quiet Space

Quiet space (areas void of any typography/complex graphics) around the brandmark is at least 1 "S" of SUNY height all around.

SUNY logo with padding/quiet space guidelines

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Vertical Brandmark

Use when horizontal space is limited and brand impact is a priority.
NOTE: The text outside the sphere should line up with the SUNY wordmark.

SUNY brandmark with vertical spacing use guides

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SUNY logo brandmark and how to properly stage it

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There are multiple ways to crop the SUNY brandmark. Use the examples below as a guide.
NOTE: Never crop the brandmark on more than two sides.

SUNY logo brandmark with cropping guidelines

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Incorrect Usage

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SUNY logo brandmark and incorrect usage of it.

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