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Advertisement Guide

SUNY Advertisement Guide

SUNY branding visual advertisement guide‌‌

The Brandmark

The brandmark should always be the first priority and should appear in the top-left corner. It is preferred to appear in a PMS 287 blue banner at the top of the document. It is acceptable to have the brandmark in blue on the imagery if need be.


Headlines should be placed on the image and should be no longer than 10 words.

Body Copy

The bottom third of the page should be reserved for body copy. The background should always be PMS 278 or white if there is an excess of information.  The copy above is representative of the amount of copy that should be used within an editorial/newspaper ad. While sometimes more copy is unavoidable, being concise and direct with communication is paramount to making sure readers receive your message.  The URL and the QR code should always appear in the bottom left-hand corner.

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