Update to SUNY Retirement Plan Funds

Update to SUNY Retirement Plan Funds

We are pleased to announce that as of May 1, 2017, VOYA is reducing its investment fees, and the number of VOYA investments available for both the SUNY ORP and 403(b) plans will be reduced from 154 fund choices to 54 fund choices.

No action is required by SUNY plan participants currently investing with VOYA funds, for either the change in fees or the change in fund availability. Current employee contracts within the SUNY ORP and 403(b) plans will be adjusted to reflect the changes in fees and funds available. As of May 1st, any funds within the SUNY plans that are currently invested in VOYA funds selected for discontinuation, will be automatically moved to the newly approved funds, as specified in the communications sent to SUNY ORP and SUNY 403(b) participants:

These changes will become visible to participants as of May 2nd. SUNY plan participants who wish to make investment allocation adjustments after these changes have taken effect, may do so directly with VOYA.


For further information and/or assistance, please contact the Benefits Office at your State-Operated or Community College campus.