National Retirement Security Week 2017

National Retirement Security Week 2017

For 2017, National Retirement Security Week (NRSW) is October 15th through 21st. NRSW is the first congressionally endorsed, national event to promote the benefits of saving for retirement, and encourage everyone to do so though any or all of their available options. The focus of this featured week is long-term financial planning for retirement, and the resources available to help employees do so - especially those available through employment.

NRSW is a great time to consider personal retirement goals, and develop or fine-tune a plan that will make those goals a retirement reality. The 2017 campaign theme is "Your Whole Story", which aims to educate on the importance of saving for retirement, show how financial decisions NOW impact retirement security LATER, and increase plan participation and savings rates. Below are some resources to assist in doing this:

Make educated financial decisions today, to create a stronger financial tomorrow!