2014 SEHP Open Enrollment

2014 SEHP Open Enrollment

The 2014 Open Enrollment period for the Student Employee Health Plan (SEHP) will be from August 19, 2014 through September 18, 2014.

Eligible employees have the following options for enrolling in the Student Employee Health Plan:

The Open Enrollment period provides employees who were eligible for SEHP last year but chose not to enroll, an opportunity to enroll now without the 30 day waiting period required as a late enrollee.  The open enrollment period does not provide an opportunity for employees enrolled in the pre-tax program to voluntarily change coverage from family to individual, or to cancel coverage.  Such changes may only be requested during November.

2014 Rates for SEHP are available here. Introductory SEHP information is available here. For a SEHP Summary of Benefits and Coverage, please visit the SUNY Benefits Health Insurance Programs web page. To enroll in SEHP, please complete and return the SEHP Enrollment Form (PS-404G) to your campus benefits office, which is available on the SUNY Benefits Health Insurance Forms web page.