October 2011 M/C & Retiree NYSHIP Rate Change

October 2011 NYSHIP Rate Changes


NYSHIP Empire Plan Special Reports, HMO Special Reports and Rate Changes flyer for CSEA, M/C; Legislature and NY Retirees


The terms of a collective bargaining agreement between the State of New York and CSEA will be administratively extended to Management/Confidential (M/C); Legislature employees and NY Retirees. It will result in benefit changes for enrollees with Empire Plan or HMO coverage and a NYSHIP rate change effective October 1, 2011. There will also be a Special Option Transfer Period during the month of September.

The August 2011 Empire Plan Special Report, August 2011 HMO Special Report and the NYSHIP Rate Changes effective October 1, 2011 flyer are mailing to enrollee homes in late August to early September. The Empire Plan Special Report and the HMO Special Report for each of these three groups explain the benefit changes for the Empire Plan and HMOs. The Rate Changes flyer explains the Special Option Transfer Period, how to change options and provides a list of rates for The Empire Plan and all participating NYSHIP HMOs. As these publications become available, they can be viewed and downloaded from the Health Plan Choices and the Publications & Forms sections of this web site.