CGL Training 2019

CGL Training 2019

Draft Agenda

2019 CGL Training | June 4-5, 2019

Tuesday, June 4

12:00pm-1:00pm: Lunch

1:00pm-2:00pm: Shared Governance 101 (Gwen Kay, Austin Ostro, Nina Tamrowski)

2:00pm-3:00pm: How to run a meeting (Christy Fogal and Henry Flax)

2:00pm-3:00pm: The relationship between SUNY and campuses: The student perspective (Austin Ostro)

3:00pm-3:10pm: Bio Break

3:10pm-4:10pm: A new model of leadership (Nina Tamrowski and Tina Good)

3:10pm-4:10pm: Student Government Presidents Panel

4:10pm-5:00pm: Troubleshooting - faculty/students talk about challenging governance issues

5:30pm-7:30pm: Dinner, presentation of Shared Governance Award - "10 Things I wish I knew before I started as a campus governance leader"

7:30pm-9:30pm: SA Team building

Wednesday, June 5th

8:00am-8:30am: Breakfast

8:30am-9:30am: Advocacy Basics (Travis Proulx, Angela Wright, Jim Campbell)

8:30am-9:30am: How good is your campus governance? Assessment rubrics

9:30am-10:30am: "Difficult Conversations" (Teresa Miller)

10:30am-11:00am: Writing resolutions that speak to campus issues

11:00am-noon: Passing the Torch: Lighting the path for a new leader (Kim Otis and Alicia Richardson)

12:00pm-12:30pm: Wrap-up

12:30pm: Faculty/Staff Adjourn & Boxed lunches 

Student Programming Continues

12:30pm-1:00pm Lunch

1:00pm-2:00pm Scenarios (Taryn Rackmyer and Carson Rowe)

2:00pm-2:45pm Taking the Lead in Advocacy (Kate Wood)

2:45pm-2:55pm Bio Break

2:55pm-3:55pm President's open forum (Austin Ostro)

What is SUNY?