Nina Tamrowski

President, Faculty Council of Community Colleges

Nina Tamrowski is the President of the Faculty Council of Community Colleges and member of the Board of Trustees since July 2015. She was recently granted the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Faculty Service in spring of 2015.

Tamrowski has served as Delegate to the FCCC from Onondaga Community College since 2009 and was a member of its Governance Committee. She also served as Secretary of the FCCC from 2011-2013, and as Vice President from 2013–2015. She has also been the Faculty Council liaison to the University Faculty Senate’s Governance Committee for five years.

From July 2013 to July 2014, Tamrowski served on the search committee for the SUNY Provost. She is currently a member of the Provost’s Open SUNY Advisory Committee, the Diversity Task Force and the Applied Learning Steering Committee. She has been heavily involved in planning many meetings and events for the SUNY Voices initiative.  She served on the planning committee for the SUNY Voices CGL Orientations in June 2013 and June 2014. She was chair of the planning committee of the 2015 CGL Leadership Institute.  She was a member of the planning committee for the Second Annual SUNY Voices Conference on Shared Governance that was held at Onondaga Community College in March 2015.  She has been a presenter at two of these CGL orientations and at the last two annual conferences on shared governance.  She has also been a regular presenter at the Faculty Council’s CGL Conference the last three years.

Tamrowski has been a Professor of Political Science at Onondaga Community College since 1993.  At Onondaga, she has regularly taught: American National Politics; State and Local Politics; Comparative Politics; and Women and Politics. Tamrowski served for four years as the Chair of the Social Sciences and Philosophy Department.  She has been a member of Onondaga’s Faculty Executive Committee since 2009. She was a founding co-chair of OCC’s Service-Learning Committee and served in that role for seven years. She is a past chair of the campus Curriculum Committee, and served on the Women’s Studies Committee, the International Education Committee, the OCC Federation’s Executive Committee as the Federation’s Secretary and delegate, and the ad hoc Faculty-Trustee Committee on Shared Governance.  In 2013, she served on the campus Presidential search committee. From 1999-2002, Tamrowski was the Executive Director of OCC’s Student Government Organization. In that capacity, she taught leadership skills to students and managed the student government leaders and their affairs.

Her accolades are many, including the International Center’s International Educator of the Year Award (November 2014), Trustee’s Award (May 2013), the Ann Felton Multi-Cultural Award (December 2005), YWCA Diversity Achiever's Award (April 2004), OSSA Faculty of the Year Award (May 2002), and a Resolution of Appreciation from OCC Board of Trustees (May 2002). Tamrowski is also a past president of the League of Women Voters of the Syracuse Metropolitan Area.

She earned a Master’s of Arts degree in Political Science from Syracuse University and completed her PhD. coursework in political science as well. Tamrowski’s B.A. degree in Spanish and Political Science is from SUNY College at Brockport.

Tamrowski is the proud mother of three boys: Tim attends Northeastern University as a Computer Engineering major; Joseph attends Hamilton College; and Liam is 9 and is entering fourth grade in fall 2015.

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