University-wide Policies & Procedures


Welcome to the Policy and Procedure Library at the State University of New York.  This library is a compendium of the State University of New York System-wide policies, procedures, regulations, and related information and forms for each policy and procedure.

The site is intended to provide a comprehensive listing of SUNY's System-wide Policies and Procedures in an easily accessible way to the entire SUNY System of campuses in one place on the web.

This website does not contain campus-specific policies and procedures.  For local policies and procedures specific to a particular SUNY campus, contact that campus directly.

Questions about Policy and Procedure Interpretation

Please contact the "Responsible Office" listed in the heading of each policy and procedure for questions about policy and procedure content and interpretation.

Up-to-date Information

The site should contain the most up-to-date version of all Policies and Procedures.  For inquiries about whether or not content on the website is current, contact "Responsible Office" listed in the policy or procedure.

Using Quick Search

Note that the "Quick Search" box below only searches for terms within the title of the Policy, Procedure, Regulation, or Form.  Therefore, it is recommended that you only use one or two terms when searching on the site.


The University may amend any existing policies or procedures contained on the web site without notice to users, as well as to adopt new policies and/or procedures at any time without notice to users. It is the user's responsibility to check with relevant offices to determine whether changes, additions or substitutions, have been made regarding the policies, procedures and related forms contained on this web site.