SUNY PP - Forms & Appendices



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         Bullet   Accounting and Systems Management
         Bullet   Financial
         Bullet   Internal Control and Risk Management
         Bullet   Investment and Cash Management
         Bullet   Procurement
         Bullet   Resource Planning and Management
         Bullet   Tuition and Fees
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Name Related Docs Doc# Type Category Code (Key)
Adoption of College at Oneonta Resolution to Increase Cap on the Student Activities Fee (Resolution # 1213-009) 3901.1 Appendix FI,ST
Agreement on Code of Conduct 3404.1 Appendix FI,ST
ASCA_Agency_User_Guide Appendix FI
Campus' Consultant/Contractor Affidavit Part 1 7557.9a Form FI
Campus Procurement Certification 7553.15 Form FI
Contract Breakdown and Sample 7557.6 Form FI
EEO Staffing Plan 7557.8 Form FI
Internal Control Review Template: Property Control 7501.18 Form FI
M/WBE Contractor Solicitation Letter 7557.1 Form FI
M/WBE Contractor Unavailability Certification 7557.3 Form FI
M/WBE-EEO Work Plan 7557.5 Form FI
M/WBE Utilization Plan 7557.7 Form FI
Monthly MWBE Compliance Report 7557.11 Form FI
MWBE-EEO Policy Statement 7557.4 Form FI
NYS Tax Exempt Letter 7553.8 Form FI
Quarterly EEO Workforce Utilization 7557.12 Form FI
Quarterly MWBE Compliance Report 7557.13 Form FI
Request for Waiver 7557.14 Form FI
SUNY Project Capitalization Form 7004-1 Form FI
SUNY Project Capitalization Form Instructions 7004.2 Form FI

Category Codes Key
GO = Governance
AA = Academic Affairs
CC = Community Colleges
ST = Student Affairs
HC = Hospitals / Clinical Services
FM = Facility Management / Safety
HR = HR / Labor Relations
LE = Legal and Compliance
FI = Financial
IA = Internal Audit
PH = Philanthropy
AP = Affiliated Programs
RE = Related Entities
RS = Research