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Legal and Compliance
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         Bullet   Information Technology
         Bullet   Legal Proceeding Preparation/ E-Discovery
         Bullet   Non-Discrimination
         Bullet   Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse
         Bullet   Procurement
         Bullet   Records/Meetings
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Name Related Docs Doc# Type Category Code (Key)
Academic Affairs and Instruction 6609.3 Appendix LE
Alumni and Development 6609.4 Appendix LE
Athletics 6609.5 Appendix LE
Camps 6609.6 Appendix LE
Campus MWBE Post Solicitation Waiver Request 7557.14a Form FI,LE
Campus MWBE Pre Solicitation Waiver Request 7557.14b Form FI,LE
Certification of Compliance with Fair Labor Conditions 7560.1 Appendix FI,LE
Child Protection Policy Guidance 6505.2 Form LE,PM
Claim and Release Form 6303.1 Form LE
Counsel 6609.7 Appendix LE
Diversity Practices Scoring Matrix Form 7557.34 Form FI,LE
Diversity Practices Scoring Rubric Form 7557.33 Form FI,LE
ESD START-UP Business Application Form AA,CC,LE,RS
ESD START-UP NY Business Application Instructions Form AA,CC,LE,RS
ESD START-UP NY Sponsoring University or College Application for Business Participation Form AA,CC,LE,RS
Executive Records 6609.9 Appendix LE
Financial Aid 6609.10 Appendix LE
Form 2: Information Security Program Authorization 6608.10 Form LE
Form 3: Program Documentation Plan 6608.11 Form LE
Goal Setting Form 7557.20 Form FI,LE
Goal Setting Process - Project Specific Methodology - Compliance Checklist 7557.20a Form FI,LE
Good Faith Efforts - Criteria to Evaluate Quality of Design Firm Response (Construction Consult Selection Process) 7557.27 Form FI,LE
Health Information 6609.11 Appendix LE
Index 6609.19 Appendix LE
Mandatory Reporting and Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse 6504.1 Document FM,LE
Museums and Art Galleries 6609.13 Appendix LE
NYS MWBE Resource Organizations 7557.26 Appendix FI,LE
Other Records 6609.14 Appendix LE
Procedure 6608 Printable Handout 6608.12 Form LE
Public Safety and Security 6609.15 Appendix LE
Quarterly EEO Workforce Utilization Report: Service Contracts 7557.12d Form FI,LE
Records Retention and Disposition at SUNY Campuses Guidance 6609.22 Appendix LE
SUNY START-UP NY Campus Plan for Designation of Tax-Free Area(s) Memorandum Form AA,CC,LE,RS
SUNY START-UP NY Campus Plan for Designation of Tax-Free Area(s) Template Form AA,CC,LE,RS
Student Accounts 6609.16 Appendix LE
Student Counseling and Career Services 6609.8 Appendix LE
Student Records 6609.17 Appendix LE
Student and Staff Housing 6609.12 Appendix LE
Table of Contents 6609.2 Appendix LE
Template 1: Information Security Program Assignments 6608.9 Form LE
University Audit 6609.18 Appendix LE

Category Codes Key
GO = Governance
AA = Academic Affairs
CC = Community Colleges
ST = Student Affairs
HC = Hospitals / Clinical Services
FM = Facility Management / Safety
HR = HR / Labor Relations
LE = Legal and Compliance
FI = Financial
IA = Internal Audit
PH = Philanthropy
AP = Affiliated Programs
RE = Related Entities
RS = Research
PO = Police
AT = Athletics
AD = Audit
PM = Protection of Minors
IS = Information Security
IT = Information Technology
EDI = Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
EM = Emergency Management
EN = Emergency Notifications