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Health Care Enterprises - Budget Request

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Effective Date:
July 01, 2005

This procedure item applies to:
College of Optometry
Downstate Medical Center State
University at Stony Brook Health Science Center
University of Buffalo - School of Medicine
Upstate Medical University

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The State University of New York (University) operates three academic medical centers, a veterans’ home and one optometric clinic. In conjunction with the University’s annual planning process, these health care enterprises prepare multi-year financially driven strategic plans (financial plans). These financial plans are necessary to evaluate ongoing changes in market environment, federal and state reimbursement, and changes in medical technology. The University health care enterprises are required to provide these financial plans to system administration on an annual basis.

The University hospitals’ current financial planning process began in 2001, following a series of multi-year studies completed with the assistance of an outside healthcare consultant. The financial plans are a tool to measure, evaluate and project the operations at each hospital with the hopes of attaining financial self-sufficiency over the long term. The University has defined self-sufficiency as attaining a positive cash flow after: payment of annual operating expenses; including the assessment for actual fringe benefits and debt service; state support from the executive budget; and repayment of the STIP loan balance.

The Long Island State Veterans Home provides a similar analysis to the hospitals. They provide a plan trended off the most current year end cash flows. The Veterans Home goal is to attain positive cash flow after payment of annual operating expenses, including the assessment for fringe benefits.

The optometric clinic operates under the College of Optometry. For information related to the optometric clinic, please refer to the Revenue Fund Guidelines: General IFR and SUTRA.


1. Hospital Multi-Year Plan

2. Long Island State Veterans Home Multi-Year Plan


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The following links to FindLaw's New York State Laws are provided for users' convenience; it is not the official site for the State of New York laws. 

Civil Service Law Article 14 (Public Employers’ Fair Employment Act)

Public Health Law § 2801 (Definitions)


In case of questions, readers are advised to refer to the New York State Legislature site for the menu oNew York State Consolidated.

Annual Executive Budget Overview by Agency


New York State Constitution Article 7(8) (State Finances)

Chapter 363 of the NYS Laws of 1998

State University Board of Trustees Resolution 93-47 adopted April 22, 1993.


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