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Display of the Flag

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November 11, 1984

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State-Operated Campuses

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The State University of New York permits on its facilities or premises the display of the Flag of the United States of America, the New York State Flag, the United Nations Flag, the Red Cross Flag and a unique campus flag or banner. The manner of display of the Flag of the United States of America is governed by the relevant provisions of New York State Executive Law, Article 19.


In General

The University permits on its property display of only the following flags:

Display of the Flag of the United States of America

I. Generally

       The flag shall be displayed only from sunrise to sunset on buildings and on stationary flagstaffs in the open. However, the flag may be displayed at night upon special occasions when it is desired to produce a patriotic effect.

II. Manner

A.   The flag shall be displayed daily, weather permitting, on or near the main administration building of every public institution, whenever such institution is open to the public. The flag shall also be displayed, weather permitting, on the following days in each year: the first day of January, known as New Year's Day; the third Monday of January, known as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; the twelfth day of February, known as Lincoln's Birthday; the third Monday in February, known as Washington's Birthday; the last Monday in May, known as Memorial Day; the second Sunday of June, known as Flag Day; the fourth day of July, known as Independence Day; the first Monday in September, known as Labor Day; the third Friday in September, known as National POW/MIA Recognition Day, except if such date of commemoration cannot be observed due to a religious holiday, such observances shall then be conducted on the second Friday in September; the second Monday in October, known as Columbus Day; the eleventh day of November, known as Veterans Day; the fourth Thursday in November, known as Thanksgiving Day; the seventh day of December, known as Pearl Harbor Day; and the twenty-fifth day of December, known as Christmas Day, and if any of such days except Flag Day is Sunday, the next day thereafter; each general election day, and each day appointed by the President of the United States or by the governor of this state as a day of general thanksgiving or for displaying the flag.

III. Notification of Special Periods of Mourning

       The office of University police and public safety will be responsible for the notification of the campuses (through the University plaza public safety office) of those days the governor designates as special periods of mourning during which the flag is to be flown at half staff or other special instructions received from the executive department concerning the display of the flag.


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Other Related Information

The following link to FindLaw's New York State Laws is provided for users' convenience; it is not the official site for the State of New York laws. 

NYS Executive Law, Article 19

In case of questions, readers are advised to refer to the New York State Legislature site for the menu of 
New York State Consolidated.

Memorandum to presidents from the office of the vice chancellor and chief operating officer, dated October 17, 2001.


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