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The materials below consist of regulations of the State University of New York Board of Trustees. However, it is not the Official Compilation of the Codes, Rules, and Regulations of the State of New York. Readers are advised to refer to the Official Compilation ( 8 NYCRR Part et seq )in case of questions.

PART 588





Purpose, scope and authority




Violations, sanctions



§ 588.1 Purpose, scope and authority.

(a) These regulations have been established in order to control parking on the State University of New York Health Science Center at Brooklyn (SUNY/HSCB) campus. The act of parking a motor vehicle on State facilities is a privilege and constitutes acceptance by the owners and/or operators of the responsibility to ensure that their vehicles are not parked in violation of these parking regulations or any regulations of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law.

(b) These regulations apply to the use and operation of all motor vehicles, as described by the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, upon all properties owned or leased by SUNY/HSCB. The regulations apply to all operators of motor vehicles on university property, including faculty, staff, students and visitors.

(c) Section 560.2 of the trustees' regulations provides for the application of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law to all State-operated institutions.

(d) Section 360 of the Education Law authorizes the state university to develop regulations regarding parking and vehicular traffic upon property under the supervision and control of the university, not inconsistent with the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law and provides for the enforcement thereof. Public safety officers appointed by SUNY/HSCB shall enforce these campus parking regulations.

(e) Pursuant to section 560.3 of the trustees' resolution pertaining to the regulations governing vehicular traffic and parking:

§ 588.2 Parking.

(a) Parking fees as approved by the Chancellor, or designee, shall be charged for motor vehicles parked within designated lots, consistent with applicable collective bargaining agreements and in accordance with guidelines established by the Chancellor or designee. Such guidelines shall provide that the determination of the amount of the fee be substantially based on an analysis of the costs attributable to the operation and maintenance of the parking facilities owned and operated by the Health Science Center at Brooklyn.

(b) Persons applying for and granted parking privileges shall be issued a permit upon providing requested information and upon payment of the requisite parking fee as provided in subdivision (a) of this section.

(c) Parking privileges shall be discontinued and permits must be surrendered if any of the following conditions exist:

(d) Permits may only be used by persons authorized by the parking office to use them.

(e) No person shall park a vehicle in any area except those areas specifically designated as motor vehicle parking lots or spaces. Motor vehicles shall not be parked so as to block or otherwise hinder access to a fire hydrant, campus building, parking lot or aisle, campus roadway or walkway.

(f) No person shall park a motor vehicle within his/her designated parking area other than within the space for the parking or standing of a motor vehicle as indicated by posted signs, pavement markings or painted lines restricting or limiting such parking. No vehicle shall be parked so as to occupy more than one parking space.

(g) No person shall fail to observe and obey any slow, yield, caution, or any other duly posted sign regulating traffic or parking.

(h) The speed limit in parking areas is five miles per hour.

(i) Vehicles parked on SUNY/HSCB property shall be deemed to be abandoned if without the permission of the public safety office:

(j) Motor vehicle accidents occurring on SUNY/HSCB property must be reported to the public safety office, and if another vehicle is involved, to the owner of that vehicle.

(k) Notwithstanding any provision of this Part, a driver shall not fail to obey the traffic commands of an officer of the campus public safety office.

§ 588.3 Violations, sanctions.

Any person who parks in violation of this Part shall be subject to:

(a) a warning which shall consist of a sticker placed on the violator's motor vehicle, warning the violator of the violation, where the location of the vehicle does not create a hazardous condition; or

(b) towing of the illegally parked vehicle in accordance with section 588.4 of this Part, where the location of the vehicle creates a hazardous condition, or a warning sticker has been placed on the vehicle warning the violator of the violation, and the vehicle has not been moved within eight hours of the placement of such warning sticker on the vehicle.

§ 588.4 Towing.

(a) Any motor vehicle operated or parked on the SUNY/HSCB campus in violation of these regulations may be removed or towed away and stored at the owner's expense. Abandoned vehicles shall be disposed of in accordance with the Vehicle and Traffic Law.

(b) The owner of a vehicle stored and/or towed pursuant to these regulations shall be charged the fee charged by the private towing and storage service utilized by the campus.