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The materials below consist of regulations of the State University of New York Board of Trustees. However, it is not the Official Compilation of the Codes, Rules, and Regulations of the State of New York. Readers are advised to refer to the Official Compilation ( 8 NYCRR Part et seq )in case of questions.

PART 579











Parking regulations


Traffic regulations







§ 579.1 Purpose.

(a) The parking and traffic regulations set forth have been established pursuant to Trustees' Resolution 72-186 relating to vehicular and pedestrian traffic and parking so that an orderly pattern of motor vehicle control on campus may be achieved. The Vehicle and Traffic Law shall apply upon the highways, streets, roads and sidewalks owned or controlled by the State University of New York (SUNY). Orders of the Department of Transportation heretofore or hereafter promulgated for State University shall continue in full force and effect.

(b) It is strongly recommended that the following regulations and guidelines be read carefully. All persons operating a motor vehicle on this campus are responsible for knowing and understanding these rules. Ignorance of the enacted rules and regulations is no excuse for illegal parking or other offenses.

(c) For the purpose of these regulations, campus boundaries consist of all properties owned and/or controlled by Alfred State College.

(d) Operating a motor vehicle on campus properties is a privilege and constitutes acceptance by the owner and/or operator of the responsibility to assure that his vehicle is neither parked nor operated in violation of any applicable State law or regulation, including the Vehicle and Traffic Law, applicable orders of the Department of Transportation, and State University of New York traffic regulations.

(e) This college assumes no responsibility for a vehicle or its contents. This includes any damage caused by moving, towing, or storage.

§ 579.2 Scope.

(a) These regulations apply to all operators of motor vehicles on college property, including faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Motor vehicle is defined in section 125, New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law.

(b) The private operation of snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and all-terrain vehicles on college- owned and controlled properties is prohibited.

§ 579.3 Enforcement.

The vehicle registration and ticket function is under the direction of the chief of university police and includes the enforcement of parking and traffic regulations.

§ 579.4 Parking regulations.

(a) Registration. All vehicles, other than visitors, including automobiles, trucks, motorbikes, motorcycles and other motor-operated vehicles to be operated or parked on college property, must be registered at the university police department in the Victorian House on the Alfred campus and in the student services building on the Wellsville Campus. Visitors should register their vehicles as soon as practical to avoid any enforcement violations. This can be done 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the university police department located in the Victorian House.

(b) Fees.

(c) Registration stickers. Students - each registered vehicle will be issued a registration sticker which must be affixed to the rear side window (driver's side) in accord with instructions provided. Properly registered motor vehicles must display a valid sticker in the designated area. Faculty/staff - must display hanging tag from rearview mirror of the vehicle.

(d) Authorized parking areas. Parking signs, color-coded to match issued parking permits, have been erected indicating designated parking areas for freshmen, seniors, and commuters. The campus map will help to further identify these specified areas. Vehicular parking in any area not shown (including walkways, roadways, ramp areas, areas adjacent to buildings, etc.), is prohibited. No person shall park a vehicle on the college premises in such manner as to interfere with the use of a fire hydrant, fire lane or other emergency zone, create any other hazard or unreasonably interfere with the free and proper use of a roadway or pedestrian walkway.

(e) Special parking.

(f) Parking areas.

§ 579.5 Traffic regulations.

(a) The college council of each State University shall adopt campus rules and regulations, not inconsistent with the Vehicle and Traffic Law, relating to vehicular parking, vehicular and pedestrian traffic and safety. All such rules shall be submitted to the SUNY office of the university counsel for review and action.

(b) Traffic regulations on campus roadways are posted in accordance with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Controls. The maximum permissible speed is 25 miles per hour (radar-controlled). No person shall operator a vehicle on college streets, roads or highways at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent with regarding to the existing weather and road conditions. A full stop at all stop signs is required; pedestrians have the right-of-way; and yield signs must be strictly observed.

(c) University police officers are empowered to enforce all ordinances and laws pertaining to traffic regulations.

§ 579.6 Appeals.

(a) A complaint regarding any violation of a campus rule shall be in writing reciting the time and place of the violation and the title, number or substance of the applicable rule.

(b) The chief administrative officer shall designate a hearing officer(s) or board, not to exceed three persons, to hear complaints for violation of campus traffic and parking regulations enforceable on campus. Such hearing officer(s) or board shall not be bound by the rules of evidence but may hear or receive any testimony or evidence directly relevant to the issues presented.

(c) At the conclusion of the hearing, or not later than five days thereafter, such hearing officer(s) or board shall file a report. A notice of the decision shall be promptly transmitted to the violator. The report shall include:

§ 579.7 Penalties.

(a) Fines. Parking violations may be paid or appealed at the university police department in the Victorian House. The office is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30 a.m.-noon and 1 p.m.-4 p.m. Tickets may also be paid from 6 p.m.-8 p.m. Monday through Friday. Payment envelopes are available at the ASC US Center, Agriculture Science Building or university police department, Victorian House. These envelopes, with the ticket and payment enclosed, can be deposited at any time into the drop box at the Victorian House. Fines are payable on the Alfred Campus in the university police department drop box, or on the Wellsville Campus with university police (stop at the health center and the nurse can contact the officer on duty). If you wish to handle this matter by mail, please mail your check or money order for the amount indicated on the violation, payable to Alfred State College, Alfred, NY 14802.

Following is a list of violations and fines:




Faculty/staff lot


Vehicle not registered


Handicapped space


Fire lane


No parking, stopping or standing


No parking 1 a.m.- 7 a.m.


Improper or location




Out of space




Visitor parking


Residence coordinator


Expired parking meter




(b) Towing. Vehicles parked in violation of regulations that include handicapped, fire lanes, sidewalks, blocking access, or where signs and lot markings prohibit parking, may be removed or towed away at the owner's expense. Vehicle owners receiving and failing to pay three or more tickets are subject to being towed or having a wheel lock placed on their vehicle. If after four days a wheel lock remains on the vehicle and all outstanding fees are not satisfied, the vehicle will be towed by a local garage. Any and all costs associated with the wheel lock and/or towing are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

(c) Abandoned vehicles. A motor vehicle shall be deemed to be abandoned if left more than 48 hours in one place without permission. The vehicle shall be disposed of in accord with the Vehicle and Traffic Law, section 1224.

(d) Revocation. A faculty, staff and student parking permit may be revoked upon a finding that three or more campus parking violations have been incurred.

Note: The foregoing rules and regulations are subject to change to comply with SUNY parking and traffic procedures.

§ 579.8 Miscellaneous.

(a) Shuttle service. Alfred Campus: a shuttle bus coinciding with class sessions operates around the perimeter of the Alfred Campus at a quarter to the hour during the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on all scheduled class days.