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The materials below consist of regulations of the State University of New York Board of Trustees. However, it is not the Official Compilation of the Codes, Rules, and Regulations of the State of New York. Readers are advised to refer to the Official Compilation ( 8 NYCRR Part et seq )in case of questions.

PART 567



567.1 Introduction

567.2 Registration of vehicles

567.3 Parking regulations

567.4 Enforcement

567.5 Appeals board

567.6 Traffic control

567.7 Statutory authority

§ 567.1 Introduction.

(a) The State University College at Potsdam campus traffic and parking regulations are promulgated to govern the movement and parking of all vehicles on State University of New York property.

(b) Operation of motor vehicles on campus and other State University of New York property must conform with all State, municipal and college regulations. Vehicle and traffic laws of the State of New York are applicable and enforceable on the campus and other State University property. Campus public safety officers are empowered to enforce all of these statutes.

(c) These regulations shall govern vehicular and pedestrian traffic and parking upon the streets, roads, parking lots, sidewalks and premises owned, controlled or maintained by State University of New York.

(d) Parking fees as approved by the Chancellor, or designee, shall be charged for motor vehicles parked within designated lots, consistent with applicable collective bargaining agreements and in accordance with guidelines established by the chancellor or designee. Such guidelines shall provide that the determination of the amount of the fee be substantially based on an analysis of the costs attributable to the operation and maintenance of the parking facilities owned and operated by the College at Potsdam.

(e) No person shall drive a vehicle on university streets or roads at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions and having regard to the actual and potential hazards then existing, but in no event shall a person drive a vehicle in excess of the speeds authorized and indicated by the State University of New York. Consult the campus parking fee guidelines for the current schedule of parking fees.

(f) All reportable accidents on campus, as defined by the Vehicle and Traffic Law, should be reported to the department of public safety.

(g) The term vehicle as used in these regulations shall be consistent with the Vehicle and Traffic Laws of the State of New York.

(h) All regulations pertaining to the use of vehicles on campus are enforceable 24 hours a day throughout the calendar year except as otherwise prescribed.

(i) The State University College at Potsdam assumes no responsibility or risk for any vehicle, its occupants or property contained therein or thereon, while parked or driven on college property.

(j) Veterans.  Any veteran, as defined in section 360 of the New York State Education Law, in attendance as a student at the college shall be exempt from regis-tration and parking fees upon submission by the veteran of a written request for exemption together with written certification by the veteran that such veteran was honorably discharged or released under honorable circumstances from such service.

§ 567.2 Registration of vehicles.

(a) All members of the college community who operate a motor vehicle on campus shall register the vehicle with the department of public safety by paying the appropriate fee at the bursar's office. Upon registration, an appropriate parking permit will be issued which must be affixed to the vehicle in accordance with the instructions provided.

(b) Such registration shall be completed within the first week of any given semester for students, or within one week from the date of employment for employees, and is valid for the period indicated on the parking permit.

(c) Only a motor vehicle owned by the individual or an immediate member of his/her family may be registered.

(d) Temporary use of a motor vehicle must be reported to the department of public safety. A temporary parking permit may be issued.

(e) Any change of vehicle, license or registration shall be promptly reported to the department of public safety.

(f) Failure to register a vehicle or filing false registration information constitutes a violation of these regulations.

(g) Vehicle registration renewal may be denied an individual responsible for outstanding State University College at Potsdam parking or traffic tickets.

(h) If ownership of a registered vehicle is signed over to another person, the registration decal must be removed.

(i) A nonrefundable vehicle registration fee shall be charged, subject to approval of the chancellor or designee.

§ 567.3 Parking regulations.

(a) No person shall park a vehicle in any area except one specifically designated for the type of parking permit issued and displayed.

(b) Parking or standing in posted, restricted or reserved areas on campus streets or roads and in parking lots is prohibited. Parking or standing on lawns and in driveways is likewise prohibited as is the blocking of walkways or crosswalks.

(c) No person shall park a vehicle on the premises of the college in such a manner as to interfere with the use of a fire hydrant, fire lane or other emergency zone, create any hazard or unreasonably interfere with the free and proper use of a roadway or pedestrian way.

(d) Permission to park or stand in unauthorized areas to load or unload materials necessary to the college function must be obtained from the department of public safety.

(e) No person shall park a vehicle in such a way that it is not completely in a lot, or to block an entrance or exit, driveway or any other vehicles in a lot or so as to prevent access to a parking space.

(f) Overnight parking is restricted to parking lots 6, 9, 18, 19, 20A, 22, 23, 24, 25, 25A, 26 and 27. Vehicles parked in lots other than the above between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. are in violation of these regulations.

(g) Storage of motor vehicles which are inoperative or without valid State registration in campus lots is prohibited.

(h) Operators of disabled motor vehicles shall notify the department of public safety when it is necessary to leave the vehicle in an unauthorized area.

(i) Special parking designation may be granted for extraordinary circumstances, upon written request from a building administrator after consultation with and the approval of both the director of public safety and the parking committee.

(j) Visitors to campus may park in the following lots: 1, 2, 6, 9, 10, 18, 19, 20A, 22, 25A, 26, 27 and 28.

(k) Visitors who wish to park on campus must obtain temporary parking permits. Permits are available at the department of public safety and selected campus offices as designated by the director of public safety.

(l) Handicapped parking spaces will be used by handicapped persons only. An individual with a physical disability may be issued a handicapped decal following his or her written application to the director of public safety. The application must be supported by a physician's written statement certifying such need. The State University College at Potsdam will also honor a handicapped person status officially designated by any other appropriate governmental agency and indicated as such by authorized handicapped symbol on the vehicle.

(m) Any motor vehicle which is parked in violation of these regulations may be ticketed and/or towed from campus at the owner's expense.

(n) Parking regulations may be suspended for special events at the discretion of the chief administrative officer (or designee).

§ 567.4 Enforcement.

(a) A complaint regarding any violation of the campus regulations shall be in writing indicating the time and place of the violation and the title, number or substance of the applicable rule.

(b) The penalty for violation of these regulations is as follows:

(c) Unpaid fines shall be deducted from the salary or wages of any employee of the college (Education Law, section 360) and grades and transcripts shall be withheld from students until all fines or fees are paid.

(d) Campus motor vehicular registration and parking privileges for the balance of the registration year may be revoked when five or more campus violations have been incurred.

(e) Violations of the Vehicle and Traffic Law are answerable to the village justice, Village of Potsdam.

§ 567.5 Appeals board.

(a) The chief administrative officer shall designate a parking violation appeals board, consisting of six persons, to hear appeals (per section 567.4 [a] [3] of this Part).

(b) At the conclusion of the hearing or not later than five days thereafter, such appeals board shall file a report with the department of public safety. A notice of the decision shall be promptly transmitted to the appellant. The report shall include:

(c) An individual who is granted an appeal and fails to appear without notifying the department of public safety at least two hours in advance of the scheduled hearing will be deemed guilty and assessed the maximum fine.

(d) The appeals board will be responsible for the administration of this section and their decision shall be final.

(e) Ignorance of these regulations will not constitute an excuse for violation.

§ 567.6 Traffic control.

(a) 15 MPH is established as the maximum speed at which vehicles may proceed on or along all roadways on the grounds of the State University College at Potsdam, Village of Potsdam, St. Lawrence County, except on the following roadways:

(b) 25 MPH is established as the maximum speed limit at which vehicles may proceed on or along the following roadways on the grounds of the State University College at Potsdam, Village of Potsdam, St. Lawrence County:

(c) Standing is prohibited on or along either side of all highways on the grounds of the State University College at Potsdam, Village of Potsdam, St. Lawrence County.

(d) Stop intersections. The following intersections on the grounds of the State University College at Potsdam, Village of Potsdam, St. Lawrence County, are designated as stop intersections as indicated below:

Intersection of                          With stop sign on                                 Entrance(s) from

(1) Bay Street                            Potsdam Drive                                       Southeast

(2) Main Street                           Barrington Drive                                     West

(3) Barrington Drive                     Ogdensburg Drive                                   Southeast

(4) Pedestrian Crosswalk

 at College Union Building           Barrington Drive                                      East and West

(5) Lake Placid Drive                  Maintenance Area Southerly

Exit Driveway                                         North and S.E.

(6) Bay Street                            Maintenance Area Northerly

Exit Driveway                                         South

(7) Barrington Drive                     Lake Placid Drive                                   North

(8) Pierrepont Avenue                 Potsdam Drive                                        East

(9) Potsdam Drive                      Parking Lot 1, Southerly Drive                  North

(10) Potsdam Drive                     Parking Lot 1, Northerly Drive                  West

(11) Potsdam Drive                     Parking Lot 2, Northerly Drive                  East

(12) Potsdam Drive                     Lake Placid Drive                                   Southeast

(13) Lake Placid Drive                 Parking Lot 2, Easterly Drive                   North

(14) Canton Drive                       Saranac Lake Drive                                 South

(15) Main Street                         Tupper Lake Drive                                   West

(16) Pierrepont Avenue               Barrington Drive                                      East

(17) Pierrepont Avenue               Gouverneur Drive                                     East

(18) Pierrepont Avenue               Canton Drive                                           East

(19) Watertown Drive                  Barrington Drive                                      East and West

(20) Massena Drive                    Barrington Drive                                      East and West

(21) Pierrepont Avenue               Parking Lot 18, Southerly Drive                East

(22) Ogdensburg Drive                Malone Drive                                          West

(23) Massena Drive                    Malone Drive                                          East

(24) Watertown Drive                  Gouverneur Drive                                    West

(25) Barrington Drive                   Watertown Drive                                     South

(26) Barrington Drive                   Massena Drive                                       South

(e) Yield intersections. The following intersections on the grounds of the State University College at Potsdam, Village of Potsdam, St. Lawrence County, are designated as yield intersections as indicated below:

Intersection of With yield sign on Entrance(s) from

(1) College Park Road Parking Lot 8 Driveway Southeast

(2) Canton Drive Watertown Drive North

(3) Canton Drive Massena Drive North

(4) Tupper Lake Drive Saranac Lake Drive North

§ 567.7 Statutory authority.

This Part is drawn under the authority of section 360 of the Education Law and the State University Board of Trustees Resolution 72-186 adopted on August 17, 1972, as last amended by Resolution 90-14 adopted January 23, 1990.