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Steps to Transfer

From selecting an academic program to joining your new campus community, transferring to or within SUNY is a seamless process. You'll find advice and timelines - by semester - to assist with your transition, at whatever stage you are in the process.


4 semesters before you wish to transfer:

Investigate majors. If you are unsure of your academic program, start exploring as soon as possible. Don't delay! It could be a costly mistake to postpone serious thought about your intended major.

Identify your path. View the SUNY Transfer Path for your desired curriculum or discipline.

Establish a plan. Use your chosen path(s) to create a Transfer Course Planner to map your coursework for the next four semesters. This is important as many majors have prerequisites and sequential courses.

Review your plan. Consult your academic advisor for guidance, as well as a transfer counselor from the campus to which you plan to transfer (if known).

3 semesters before you wish to transfer:

Begin your research. Identify SUNY campuses that offer your curriculum.

Visit campuses. Most offer transfer open houses and information sessions.


2 semesters before you wish to transfer:

Apply for admission. If you plan to transfer spring semester, consider applying by September. For a fall semester transfer, plan to apply by mid-November. Some majors or campuses may have deadlines earlier than these suggested dates.

Submit a transcript request. Ask your current college to send an official transcript to the college(s) to which you are applying. Be sure to request one official transcript from each collegiate institution you have ever attended. For students transferring from a SUNY 2-year program, request that the General Education addendum be attached to the transcript.

1 semester before you wish to transfer:

Renew your FAFSA. Request that a Student Aid Report be sent to the campuses to which you've applied.


1 semester before you wish to transfer:

Request preliminary credit evaluations. Some campuses will provide this prior to admission, while others will do so upon admission. If you have questions, speak to a transfer advisor at your current campus.

Review your financial aid packages. Compare the net costs between colleges.

Choose your transfer college. Notify your chosen campus of your intent to enroll. Pay your tuition deposit.

Attend an orientation session. It's a great way to connect with your new campus!

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