SUNY at the New York State Fair

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It's back again! SUNY is ready for its 5th trip to the Great New York State Fair in Syracuse, NY! Once again, campuses will be able to reach an array of prospective and current students, alumni, and other members of the SUNY family! We look forward to making this year’s fair (August 27 – September 7) the best yet. Visit SUNY at the Science and Industry Building to learn more about academic opportunities, financial aid support, alumni networking, and more and see how you can Be Part of Something Bigger.

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at the 2015 New York State Fair

SUNY Day is Friday, August 28


SUNY Smart Track - Empowered Financial Planning

SUNY Smart Track is dedicated to you, with a commitment to transparency and helping you and your family to make the best decision in college financing. SUNY Smart Track™ includes a variety of components to help you every step of the way. From the moment you apply to one of our 64 campuses and stretching beyond graduation, we’re invested in you.


Open SUNY is a SUNY-wide collaboration that opens the door to world-class online-enabled learning opportunities. Open SUNY is not a new degree program or a new school; it’s a seamless way for you to access the courses, degrees, professors, and rich academics of all 64 SUNY campuses flexibility—wherever and whenever you want. For the first time, SUNY is delivering its renowned high-quality education with an unprecedented breadth of tools, services, and supports designed to help you be successful.

SUNY alumni

The alumni table will feature an interactive map of SUNY’s 64 campuses allowing alumni to indicate and prominently declare their alma mater. Additionally, campus tokens and mementos will be on hand from select campuses offering alumni the opportunity to take home something SUNY of their own as a member of the vast SUNY alumni network. Current SUNY perks, benefits, and upcoming event information will be available with appropriate promotional materials. Come reconnect with SUNY and see what’s happening near you!

Come visit SUNY at the 2015 New York State Fair: