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Shared Services

Shared Services Steering Committee




Shared Services

Our Story:

In 2011, SUNY began looking at the connection between how funds were spent on purchased goods and services, and what valuable services already existed over all 64 SUNY campuses. Through this examination, it was evident that the full potential and benefit of SUNY's "systemness" was not realized.

Thus one of the primary reasons for SUNY to share services was to provide collaborative services to multiple campuses where campuses had either performed the service independently or the service had not existed before. However, the reasons for sharing services extend further beyond savings and providing efficiencies.

SUNY has a significant opportunity to advance its goals of student access, completion, and success. Through this enterprise, SUNY will enhance core academic and student support services by redirecting funds saved from administrative and non-instructional functions. Over 3 years, SUNY endeavors to drive savings and efficiencies across the system and reinvest $100 million back into our students' needs.

Achieving this mission will require a new way of operating behind the scenes. Shared services will help us to improve customer service, drive performance as a cohesive system, and free resources for student-centered programs. The full benefit of these decisions and programs will not be seen right away, but will result in increased professional and educational opportunities for all SUNY students, faculty, and staff.



Registration is now open for the next Harnessing Systemness: Regional Discussions on Efficiency and Excellence event at University at Buffalo campus on Wednesday, November 20, 2013.

The Office of Shared Services has released their annual report for 2013.  You can read more on the Reports page.

If you missed the Harnessing Systemness: Regional Discussions on Efficiency and Excellence event at SUNY New Paltz, check out the event page for meeting materials. 


Upcoming Events

  • November
    • Harnessing Systemness: Regional Discussions on Efficiency and Effectiveness
      Region: Western, NY and the Finger Lakes
      November 20, 2013
      Location: University at Buffalo
    • Shared Services Steering Committee Meeting
      November 20, 2013
      Location: University at Buffalo



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