SUNY Retirees Network Description


The SUNY Retirees Network (SRN) is a members-only, password-protected section of the SUNY Retirees Service Corps (RSC) website that was created exclusively for retirees of the State University of New York’s state-operated and community college campuses. The SRN is composed of three main components designed to:

  1. Connect SUNY Retirees
    Many SUNY retirees have told us they want to stay connected with their retired colleagues. In response, the RSC has developed a secure database called the SUNY Retirees Online Directory that allows SUNY retirees to list contact information of their choosing. They will be able to look up and reconnect with other SUNY retirees who have registered for the SUNY Retirees Network and signed up for the directory. The more retirees who register, the more connections that can be made! The SUNY Retirees Online Directory is accessible to SRN members via a campus-issued username and password. It is not available to the general public.

  2. Promote Online Interaction
    The SUNY Retirees Corner component of the SUNY Retirees Network allows retirees to interact and exchange information with one another via a chat feature (blog and comments) as well as explore a variety of online resources. SRN members are able to utilize the SUNY Retirees Corner site in a secure environment via the same username and password they use to access the SUNY Retirees Online Directory.

  3. Connect Retirees with Volunteer Opportunities - COMING SOON!
    SUNY retirees who want to volunteer their time to meet campus and/or community service needs can indicate areas of interest and expertise during the SUNY Retirees Network membership registration process. The RSC plans to activate a volunteer matching service after a sufficient number of retirees expressing an interest in volunteerism have registered for the SUNY Retirees Network. Information provided by retirees will be used to match their interests and expertise with campus and community needs. The SUNY Retirees Service Corps (RSC) will contact SRN members with potential volunteer opportunities. If a particular opportunity interests them, the member may contact the campus or community organization directly for additional information and to finalize arrangements.

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