You can select one, many or all of the SUNY graduate schools listed on the search page. To select more than a single campus hold down your control (ctrl) key while left clicking on the campuses to be included in the search. Default Selection is ALL
Award Types
Use this drop-down menu to limit you search results to those programs awarding this particular Award Type Default Selection is ALL
Program Title
Use the Program Title field to see a variety of Program categories at one time. For example, if you enter int the programs Human Computer Interaction, Intermedia Design, and Applied Economics: International would be retrieved. Entering art will result in a large number of art programs including Art History and Art Studio but it will not return results like Multimedia Design as Art is not in the title for that program.
Stand-Alone Programs
Stand-Alone programs are traditional academic programs offering a single award in a single discipline from a single school/campus.
Combined Programs
Combined programs are programs which are made of multiple other programs. For example, you could have a combined B.S./M.S. in Physics or a combination of different subjects at different campuses. It is important to understand that you should apply for combined programs at lowest award level. This means that for a combined B.S./M.S. you should apply to the school offering the B.S. not the one offering the M.S.
Major Area
Use this drop-down menu to limit your results to programs which are part of this academic field. Default Selection is ALL
If you choose a major area you will be given the option to select an Area. Choosing an area will further limit your results on account by academic subject matter. This drop-down menu will only offer you areas which are relevant to the Major Area you selected. Default Selection is ALL
Sub Area
Sub Area is the most specific academic subject matter descriptor available. Sub area selection is only available when an Area has been selected and the selections offered will be of relevance to the Area selected. Default Selection is ALL
Group By
Your results may be sorted either by campus or by subject. Your results shall be returned under grouped headings reflecting your choice. In some cases a program may fall under more than one subject or be offered through more than one campus. In such case that program will appear under each applicable heading. Default Selection is By Subject
SUNY Campus Map
SUNY Campus Map