SUNY NY-Alert Launches Statewide Largest campus safety initiative in the country


SUNY NY-Alert is a secure, web-based emergency alert system that will dramatically strengthen the ability of individual SUNY campuses to communicate potentially life-saving information in the event of a major emergency.

The implementation and launch of SUNY NY-Alert represents the largest coordinated campus safety and alert effort in the country. There are currently 50 SUNY campuses enabling the SUNY NY-Alert system.

SUNY information technology and emergency response officials, working with the State Emergency Management Office, adapted the state's all-hazards alert and notification system, NY-Alert, for use on its SUNY campuses.

Trained, authorized personnel on SUNY campuses will be able to warn students, faculty and staff who have opted in to the system of an impending emergency, such as an approaching tornado or severe weather, and provide timely and ongoing information to protect lives and minimize campus disruption.

SUNY NY-Alert can notify registrants by email, text message, telephone and cell phone messaging, Short Message Service and paging, dial-out voice messaging, web pages and fax.

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Last Update - 7/21/09