National Intern Day

National Intern Day Video Competition

National Intern Day is a day to celebrate and recognize the hard work of interns around the globe. This year, SUNY is hosting a video competition to celebrate the unique internships students participate in throughout the system, which will be released on July 26th, 2018 for National Intern Day.

To complete this video, we need your help! Send us a video of yourself at your internship site demonstrating why you intern. Video submissions are due by Friday, July 13th.

Competition Guidelines

Video Format

Answer the question "Why do you intern?" with a 1 minute video that mentions your name, SUNY school, internship site, and why you choose to participate in an internship.


SUNY students participating in credit and/or non-credit internships are eligible to submit a video.

How to Create a Video

Presentation: Be creative: the more creative, the better! Having your Site Supervisor make an appearance in the video is a plus.

Delivery: Make sure to speak clearly and keep your remarks simple and straightforward. Make sure the your speaking volume is good and that is transferred into the video footage; don’t be too far from the camera.

Filming: The video should be shot using a camera. Using a cellphone is ok, but make sure sound and video quality is good. Check your surroundings, make sure anything that is in the frame of your video is appropriate. Avoid ambient noise like electronics buzzing or machines running that may distract from the video.

Sending in the Video

How do you submit? You can submit your video through Hightail at this link:


A free account is required to connect your video to us. Instructions on how to create an account and submit are available here.

Deadline: The deadline for video submissions is Friday, July 13th, 2018.


Video submissions will be closed captioned to ensure accessibility for all viewers.


Hashtags being used throughout National Intern Day: Feel free to use the following hashtags on social media on July 26th for National Intern Day:  #NationalInternDay #SUNY (please use both hashtags when posting and of course hashtag your campus!)


There will be one winner randomly selected from each SUNY sector. SUNY sectors include University Centers, University Colleges, Technology Colleges, and Community Colleges. Each winner will receive a $50 Visa gift card. Winners will be contacted shortly after the July 13th video submission deadline. Winners and other participants will be featured in the National Intern Day video compilation.

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