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05/03/2016  8:30 AM

Finance and Administration Committee

*Agenda .txt .pdf

05/03/2016  10:05 AM

Academic Affairs Committee

*Agenda .txt .pdf

05/03/2016  12:45 PM

Community Colleges Committee

*Agenda .txt .pdf

05/03/2016  2:20 PM

Communications and External Affairs Committee

*Agenda .txt .pdf

05/03/2016  3:30 PM

Board of Trustees Meeting Public Session #1 (anticipated Executive Session)


05/04/2016  9:00 AM

Research and Economic Development Committee

*Agenda .txt .pdf

05/04/2016  10:05 AM

Audit Committee

*Agenda .txt .pdf

05/04/2016  11:40 AM

Academic Medical Centers and Hospitals Committee

*Agenda .txt .pdf

05/04/2016  1:30 PM

Board of Trustees Meeting Public Session #2

*Agenda .pdf .txt
*Notice .txt .pdf
Amendments to the Guidelines for Conducting .txt .pdf
Campus-Related Foundations .txt .pdf
Degree Authorization for Cornell Vet .txt .pdf
Delegation with Respect to the Transfer .txt .pdf
Integration and Affiliation Agreement .txt .pdf
Master Plan Amendment for Niagara CC .txt .pdf
Rulemaking for Community College Base Op Aid .txt .pdf

05/04/2016  3:30 PM

Public Hearing

Notice .txt .pdf

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