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Upcoming Meeting Dates
Archived Board Meeting Materials

Upcoming Meeting Schedule:
Date Time Meeting Name Supporting Documents

10:15 AM Charter Schools Committee
*Agenda .pdf .txt
*Notice .txt .pdf
2015 BCSE 2 Summary of Findings .txt .pdf
2015 City School of the Arts Summary of Findi .txt .pdf
AF Aspire Extension Resolution .txt .pdf
Application Cycles Memo .pdf .txt
Arts Application Resolution .pdf .txt
BCSE 2 Application Resolution .txt .pdf
Bellwether Charter Research Report .txt .pdf
Charter Schools Institute Update Memo .txt .pdf
Memo Renewal Process .txt .pdf
Proposal Review Process .txt .pdf
Public Hearing Summary BBLII 6-23-2015 .txt .pdf
Public List of Proposals .txt .pdf
Renewal Benchmarks .txt .pdf
Renewal Outcomes .txt .pdf
Renewal Policies .txt .pdf
Schools Applying for Renewal in 2015_16 .txt .pdf
State Test Results Memo .txt .pdf
Tapestry Charter School Renewal Recommendatio .pdf .txt
Tapestry Renewal Resolution .txt .pdf
Tapestry Update Memo .txt .pdf

11:00 AM Special Audit Committee
Notice .txt .pdf

2:30 PM Public Hearing
Notice .txt .pdf
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