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9:30 AM Charter Schools Committee
*Agenda .txt .pdf
*Notice .txt .pdf
B1_Renewal-Policies .pdf .txt
B2_Renewal-Benchmarks .txt .pdf
B3_Memo Renewal Process .pdf .txt
B4_Renewal Outcomes .txt .pdf
C01_Achievement First Apollo Renewal Report .pdf .txt
C01_Achievement First Apollo Renewal Reso .pdf .txt
C03_Eugenio Maria de Hostos Renewal Report .txt .pdf
C03_Eugenio Maria de Hostos Renewal Reso .txt .pdf
C04_Henry Johnson Renewal Report .txt .pdf
C04_Henry Johnson Renewal Resolution .txt .pdf
C05_KIPP Tech Valley Renewal Report .pdf .txt
C05_KIPP Tech Valley Renewal Resolution .pdf .txt
C06_Merrick Academy Renewal Report .txt .txt
C06_Merrick Academy Renewal Resolution .txt .pdf
C07_New World Renewal Report .pdf .txt
C07_New World Renewal Resolution .pdf .txt
C08_Roosevelt Children_s Academy Report .txt .pdf
C08_Roosevelt Children_s Academy Resolution .txt .pdf
C09_South Buffalo Renewal Report .txt .pdf
C09_South Buffalo Renewal Resolution .txt .pdf
C10_Success Bronx 1 Renewal Report .txt .pdf
C10_Success Bronx 1 Renewal Resolution .txt .pdf
C11_Success Bronx 2 Renewal Report .txt .pdf
C11_Success Bronx 2 Renewal Resolution .txt .pdf
C12_Success Harlem 5 Renewal Report .txt .pdf
C12_Success Harlem 5 Renewal Resolution .pdf .txt
D_Charter School Stimulus Fund Grants Reso .txt .pdf
D_February 2015 SSF Grant Summaries .txt .pdf
E_Citizens of the World Probation Resolution .txt .pdf
F01_Brighter Choice Boys Renewal Report .txt .pdf
F02_Brighter Choice Girls Renewal Report .txt .pdf
F03_New Hope Renewal Report .txt .pdf
G_Charter Schools Institute Update Memorandum .txt .pdf
G_CQA Blackboard Award News Release 12-10-14 .txt .pdf
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